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1/15/17Sun AMPastor GriffinAvoiding Sippery SpotsPsa 73:12-19Christian Living
1/15/17Sun PMPastor PaisleyDon't Waste Your ValleysPsa 143:1-12Christian Living
1/11/17WedPastor PaisleyTo Solve a Sin ProblemPsa 32:1-2Christian Living
1/10/17TueDr Chuck HardingA Call To Action1 Cor 16:13Constitutional Christianity
1/9/17MonDr Chuck HardingWill you pray for 5 minutes?Isa 58:12Constitutional Christianity
1/8/17Sun AMChuck HardingIn God We TrustPsa 118:8-11Country & Nation
1/8/17Sun PMDr. Chuck HardingOur DutyEccl 12:13Country & Nation
1/4/17WedPastor Steven RussHow To Have an Irrisistable SpiritActs 6:1-14Christian Living
1/1/17Sun AMPastor PaisleyPerhaps TodayRom 13:11 - 14Christian Living
1/1/17Sun PMPastor GriffinShake It Off Acts 28:1-7Christian Living
12/28/16WedEvangelist Mark RogersEternal Benefits Of Godliness1 Tim 4:7-9Christian Living
12/25/16Sun AMPastor GriffinPeaceIsa 9:6Peace
12/25/16Sun PMPastor PaisleyNo Wonder They Call Him WonderfulIsa 9:6Christmas
12/21/16WedPastor PaisleyThe Life of Christ in MiniatureIsa 9:5Christmas
12/18/16Sun AMPastor GriffinThe Fruit of the Spirit of JoyMatt 2:10Fruit of the Spirit
12/18/16Sun PMPastor PaisleyHis Name Shall Be Called WonderfulIsa 9:6Christian Living
12/14/16WedPastor PaisleyEnter Into His Gates With ThanksgivingPsa 100:1-5Thankfullness
12/11/16Sun AMPastor GriffinThe Spirit of Christmas is the Fruit of the SpiritGal 5:15-26Christian Living
12/11/16Sun PMPastor PaisleyGifts Yet To ArriveIsa 9:6-7Seasonal
12/7/16WedPastor PaisleyThe Law of Sowing and ReapingGal 6:10Serving God
12/4/16Sun AMPastor GriffinSeek JesusLuke 19:10Christian Living
12/4/16Sun PMPastor PaisleyWalk In The Old PathsJer 6:16Motivational
11/30/16WedMarvin SmithPicture of a Warrior2 Sam 21:1 - 15Christian Living
11/29/16TuePastor PaisleyMinistering with DiscernmentIsa 11:1-3Christian Living
11/28/16MonMarvin SmithBe a Water WalkerMatt 14:22-33Faith
11/27/16Sun AMPastor Paisley"Expedience of Obedience"Acts 5:17-32Christian Living
11/27/16Sun PMPastor PaisleyThe Great Gift GiverJohn 16:7-14Christian Living
11/23/16WedPastor Paisley"Thanksgiving"Psa 100:1-5Thankfullness
11/20/16Sun AMPastor GriffinBe a Thankful PeopleLuke 17:11 - 19Thankfullness
11/20/16Sun PMPastor Paisley5 Reasons Why We Should Praise the LordPsa 147:1Thankfullness
11/16/16WedPastor PaisleyBretheren, pray for us1 Thes 5:25Missionary Needs
11/13/16Sun AMPastor GriffinBut JonahJonah 2:8 Christian Living
11/13/16Sun PMPastor PaisleyEndure Affliction2 Tim 4:1-8Christian Living
11/9/16WedMissionary James PridgenWorking Together For Our Lord1 Cor 3:9Christian Workers
11/6/16Sun AMPastor PaisleyApathyRev 3:16-17Christian Living
11/6/16Sun PMBob Valier"Are Your Possessions Possessing You?"Luke 18:18-23Christian Living
11/2/16WedPastor PaisleyA Plan to Right Our NationDan 9:3-8Country & Nation
10/30/16Sun PMMissionary Dale Cable Salvation on the mission field1 Tim 3:16Christian Living
10/26/16WedPastor PaisleySeven "P's" of Prayer1 Sam 12:Prayer
10/23/16Sun AMMissionary George ZarrisGod is AbleEph 3:20 21God Promises
10/19/16WedBro. George ZarrisUnbelieving Christian/Don't limit GodEph 3:20FaithPastor Dahn Demey
10/16/16Sun AMDr. P.D. CherionThe Type of People God Expects us to be.1 Thes 1:1 - 10Christian Living
10/16/16Sun PMDr. P.D. CherionWhat To Do At Wits EndPsa 3:1-8Christian Living
10/12/16WedPastor GriffinStanding on Holy ground in an unholy place2 Kings 5:1-27Christian Living
10/9/16Sun AMPastor GriffinLand marksProv 22:28Christian Living
10/9/16Sun PMPastor Paisley"Heed the Call"Jer 6:16-19Christian Living
10/5/16WedPastor PaisleyThis So Great SalvationHeb 2:1-4 (3)Salvation
10/2/16Sun AMMissionary Nick MaulucciBut some doubtedMatt 28:16-17Faith
10/2/16Sun PMMissionary Nick MaulucciHow to pray to GodLev 26:14-20Christian Living
9/28/16WedPastor PaisleyEndure AfflictionHeb 11:27Christian Living
9/25/16Sun AMPastor GriffinTrain Up A ChildEph 6:1Christian Living
9/25/16Sun PMPastor GriffinHope For Hurting ParentsLuke 15:4-24Christian Living
9/21/16WedPastor PaisleySeek The Kingdom of God 1stMatt 6:19-33Christian Living
9/18/16Sun AMPastor GriffinGod's GiftsRom 12:5-8Christian Living
9/18/16Sun PMPastor PaisleyIt All Depends on Whose Hands it's In1 Pet 5:7Christian Living
9/14/16WedPastor PaisleyWhat Does God Think Of MeJer 29:10-12Christian Living
9/11/16Sun AMPastor GriffinThe memories verseJohn 3:16Christian Living
9/11/16Sun PMBro. Kevin WalkerBeing Motivated For ChristPhil 3:7-17Christian Living
9/7/16WedBro. Milton HickeyBookends of a Christain LifeActs 16:31Christian Living
9/4/16Sun PMBro. ShemishImprisoned BlessingsGen 39:1-5Surrendered Life
9/4/16Sun AMBro. ShemishCaring For OthersActs 20:22Christian Living
8/31/16WedMissionary Will FehrThe Abundant LifeJohn 15:Christian Living
8/28/16Sun AMPastor GriffinSpiritual GiftsRom 12:4 - 7Spiritual Gifts
8/28/16Sun PMPastor PaisleyForgiveness Eph 4:26-32Christian Living
8/24/16WedPastor PaisleyThe Tsunami is ComingMatt 24:36-41End Times
8/21/16Sun AMPastor GriffinExamining Spiritual Gifts - ProphecyRom 12:1-9Spiritual Gifts
8/17/16WedPastor PaisleyTruth of AccountabilityRom 14:10-12Christian Maturity
8/14/16Sun AMPastor GriffinUnwraping Your Spiritual GiftsRom 12:1 - 4Christian Living
8/14/16Sun PMPastor PaisleyHow to be Filled with the Holy SpiritEph 5:18-21Holy Spirit
8/10/16WedMissionary Mark GerosinNo ExcusesLuke 14:15-24Missions
8/7/16Sun AMDr. Sam GippTell the truth in loveMatt 1:5Christian Living
8/7/16Sun PMDr. Sam GippSoldiering For Christ2 Tim 2:Christian Living
8/3/16WedPastor PaisleyPractical Commands1 Thes 5:12 - 24Worship
7/31/16Sun AMPastor GriffinThoughts about Teanagers2 Chron 35:1 - 6Christian Living
7/31/16Sun PMPastor PaisleyManiac to MissionaryMark 5:1-20Christian Testimony
7/27/16WedPastor Tom LemmonsA Time Of TestimonyPsa 143:4-12Christian Living
7/24/16Sun AMPastor Griffin"How to Get Back From a Life of Vexation"Heb 12:10Christian Living
7/24/16Sun PMPastor PaisleyThe Power of God in Prayer and PoliticsIsa 38:1-8Prayer
7/20/16WedPastor PaisleyYou can know you are going to Heaven1 Jn 5:1-5, 11-13Salvation
7/17/16Sun AMEvangelist Mark RogersThe Sinking Ship Acts 27:14 - 25Christian Living
7/17/16Sun PMEvangelist Mark RogersWhat Belongs to God?Mark 12:13-17Christian Living
7/10/16Sun AMPastor GriffinVexing your righteous soul2 Pet 2:1-9Temptation
7/10/16Sun PMPastor Keith GarnerComparisons With ChristRom 15:1-3Christian Living
7/6/16WedPastor PaisleyBeing A LIGHT in This WorldMatt 5:14Christian Living
7/3/16Sun AMPastor GriffinBlessed is the nation whoes God is the Lord.Psa 33:11-22Patriotic
7/3/16Sun PMTim SoberAdversityGen 50:20Christian Living
6/29/16WedMissionary Nick SerinoStay away from the pomegranite tree1 Sam 14:1-23Christian LivingSlide Show beginning
6/26/16Sun AMPastor PaisleySuccessful and Victorious LivingPsa 1:1 - 6Christian Living
6/26/16Sun PMPastor PaisleySuccessful and Victorious Living Pt. 2Psa 1:1-6Christian Living
6/22/16WedPastor PaisleyWhat does God think about me?Titus 3:1-8Christian Living
6/19/16Sun PMPastor PaisleyCharity1 Cor 13:4-8LoveFather's Day
6/19/16Sun AMPastor GriffinBeing a Godly FatherJosh 24:14Christian LivingFather's Day
6/15/16WedPastor PaisleyWhen a Naton Turns it's Back on God2 Tim 3:1 -4Prophecy
6/12/16Sun AMPastor GriffinThe Story of TheJewish PeopleGen 12:1 - 3Israel
6/12/16Sun PMBro. Ron LewisGod always comes through John 11:1-37Christian Living
6/8/16WedPastor PaisleyStand in Awe of Thy WordPsa 119:161God's Word
6/5/16Sun AMPastor GriffinThe Demas Disease2 Tim 4:17Christian Living
6/5/16Sun PMPastor PaisleySalt and Light for ChristMatt 5:13-16Graduation
6/1/16WedPastor PaisleyThe Greatest Solder that ever Lived1 Tim 3:16Spiritual Battles
5/29/16Sun AMPastor GriffinThe Coming of TemptationGen 1:13 - 15Temptation
5/29/16Sun PMPastor PaisleySo much to remember2 Tim 1:1-5
5/25/16WedBro. Matt WaterhouseRewrite the Script1 Sam 17:19-30Surrendered Life
5/22/16Sun AMBro. Gil AngerWhat Can You Do For MissionsJohn 4:32-41Missions
5/22/16Sun PMBro. Bill PattersonReasonableRom 12:1-2Missions
5/18/16WedPastor PaisleyLessons in strong storms in the sea of lifeIsa 45:3-6Mark 4:35-41
5/15/16Sun AMPastor GriffinIn Array1 Sam 17:1 - 2Faith
5/15/16Sun PMBro. Gil AngerIs It A Test Or A Trial?James 1:12Rom 12:12; Luke 2:43; 1 Cor 2:28-29
5/11/16WedMissionary Daniel Suckowvirtuous womanProv 31:10-28Christian Living
5/8/16Sun AMPastor GriffinMothersJohn 2:1-2Christian Living
5/4/16WedPastor PaisleyThe Harvest Truly is PlenteousMatt 9:36-38Soul Winning
5/1/16Sun AMMissionary Kevin WynneSalvation2 Kings 3:1-15Salvation
5/1/16Sun PMMissionary Kevin WynneDig A Ditch For Christ2 Kings 3:16Money/Treasure
4/28/16ThuMissionary Kevin WynneHave a desire to do something1 Sam 14:6-12Missions
4/27/16WedMissionary Kevin WynneGive Thanks Unto the Lord1 Chron 16:7 - 10Christian LivingTestimony by Brother Piwisswe
4/24/16Sun AMPastor PaisleyWhat is Faith?Heb 11:6 - 7Christian Living
4/20/16WedPastor PaisleyRealityIsa 6:1-8Motivational
4/17/16Sun AMPastor GriffinThey Were Amazed!Luke 5:17-20Christian Living
4/17/16Sun PMPastor PaisleyFaithfulnessJames 1:22-26Christian Living
4/13/16WedBro Bruce DeLangeThe Significance of the Word of GodRom 10:17God's Word
4/10/16Sun AMDr. Dennis CorleNow Ready 2 Tim 4:6 - 8Salvation
4/10/16Sun PMDr. Dennis CorleWhat to do when you can't find GodJob 23:1Comfort
4/6/16WedPastor PaisleyRenew Our YouthPsa 103:1-10Christian Living
4/3/16Sun AMPastor PaisleyJesus in YouMatt 18:20Jesus
4/3/16Sun PMPastor PaisleyLiving by FaithHeb 11:1-40Faith
3/30/16WedPastor GriffinModesty1 Tim 2:8 Christian Living
3/27/16Sun AMPastor GriffinThe Resurrection1 Cor 15:10Resurrection Sunday
3/27/16Sun PMPastor Griffintemperence=self control Gal 5:22-23Christian Living
3/23/16WedPastor PaisleyTestimony 2 Cor 3:2-3Christian Living
3/20/16Sun AMPastor GriffinThe Death of ChristMatt 27:57-66Christian Living
3/20/16Sun PMPastor PaisleyGod's Still in ControlDan 9:24-27Prophecy
3/16/16WedPastor MikeHow God Provides our NeedsPhil 4:19Christian Living
3/13/16Sun AMPastor GriffinWhich group are you?Matt 27:33-36Christian Living
3/13/16Sun PMPastor Paisley"How to Take a Stand for Christ"2 Tim 2:13Christian Living
3/9/16WedPastor PaisleyJesus, The Great EncouragerJohn 14:1-3Christian Living
3/6/16Sun AMPastor GriffinThoughtsPsa 139:23 - 24Christian Living
3/6/16Sun PMPastor PaisleyWill God Judge America?Psa 80:12-19Revival
3/2/16WedPastor PaisleyPersistence in PrayerLuke 18:1-83
2/28/16Sun AMPastor PaisleyThe Privlage of PrayerJer 33:2 - 3Prayer
2/28/16Sun PMPastor Griffin"The Pitfalls of Being Single"Psa 127:1Marriage
2/24/16WedBro. Bill FlowersMissions PresentationGen 1:No TextChristian Living
2/21/16Sun AMPastor GriffinA marriage founded on the RockGen 2:Christian Living
2/21/16Sun PMPastor Paisleymaking God look good1 Cor 10:31Christian Living
2/17/16WedPastor PaisleyMoment With the MasterLuke 23:32 - 43Christian Living
2/16/16TuePastor John WilkersonWhen you run your race...Heb 12:1-2Christian LivingPresident's Day Tournament 2016
2/15/16MonPastor John WilkersonLessons from the Feeding of the 5000John 6:5-14Serving GodPresident's Day Tournament 2016
2/14/16Sun AMPastor GriffinThe Light of the WorldIsa 9:2, 6Salvation
2/14/16Sun PMPastor PaisleyBe Ye TransformedRom 12:1-2Christian Living
2/10/16WedPastor PaisleyTo Know The Love of Christ Eph 3:14-21Love
2/7/16Sun AMPastor PaisleyA Cloud Of Faithful WitnessesHeb 12:1Christian Living
2/7/16Sun PMPastor GriffinWinning the War of WearinessJosh 14:12Serving God
2/3/16WedPastor PaisleyWe Can Have Comfort2 Cor 1:3-4Comfort
1/31/16Sun AMPastor GriffinThe Light of LifeJohn 8:12 - 14Christian Living
1/31/16Sun PMPastor PaisleySome Call It Heaven, But We Call It HomeJohn 14:1-3Christian Living
1/27/16WedPastor PaisleyThe Crucifiction of King SelfPhil 2:1-7Christian Living
1/24/16Sun AMDr. Tom Wallace3 Things to Cause Us to Grow in Christ1 Cor 2:9Spiritual Growth
1/24/16Sun PMDr. Tom WallaceSetting A Spiritual GoalJohn 8:29Christian Living
1/20/16WedPastor PaisleyDon't be a Disgrace to Grace2 Chron 7:14-15Grace
1/17/16Sun AMPastor GriffinHe's coming again !1 Thes 4:13-18Christ's Return
1/17/16Sun PMPastor PaisleyRevival In Our Nation2 Chron 7:14-15Revival
1/13/16WedPastor PaisleyHow's the state of our union?Eph 5:Christian Living
1/10/16Sun AMPastor GriffinButJonah 1:1-3Christian Living
1/10/16Sun PMPastor GriffinPrinciple of ReplacementLuke 11:24-26Spiritual Growth
1/6/16WedPastor PaisleyRevive Us AgainPsa 85:6Revival
1/5/16TueDr Chuck HardingHesikiahs Prayer2 Kings 19:Government
1/4/16MonDr. Chuck HardingBeing a Standard-BearerIsa 10:18Christian Liberties
1/3/16Sun AMChuck HardingBeing BlessedJames 1:25Christian Living
1/3/16Sun PMDr. Chuck HardingKnow That You KnowIsa 1:1-9Christian Living
12/30/15WedMissionary Dave FarrisCan we do More.Neh 1:2 - 4Missions
12/27/15Sun AMPastor GriffinWhat Happens when the Angels go AwayLuke 2:8-16Christian Living
12/27/15Sun PMPastor PaisleyCleaning Out The Rooms In Our Lives Col 3:1-4Christian Living
12/23/15WedPastor PaisleyLittle1 Cor 1:26Christmas
12/20/15Sun AMPastor GriffinWhat Are We Waiting For This Year?Luke 2:25-46Christmas
12/20/15Sun PMPastor PaisleyThe True Reasons For the SeasonLuke 2:11Christmas
12/16/15WedEvangelist Mark RogersDon't Ignore The TruthJohn 7:25-26,44-46Christian Living
12/13/15Sun AMPastor GriffinThe Living Word of GodJohn 1:1 - 3Christian Living
12/13/15Sun PMPastor PaisleyTraditions of ChristmasJames 1:14-18Christian Living
12/9/15WedPastor PaisleyEnd TimesIsa 41:21-24Prophecy
12/6/15Sun AMPastor GriffinKJV - The Instrument for LifeProv 14:12God's Word
12/6/15Sun PMPastor PaisleySix Sure Signs the Savior is Coming SoonMatt 24:35-42End Times
12/2/15WedMarvin SmithThe encouragement of GodGen 1:Spiritual Warfare
12/1/15TueMarvin SmithBattling Discouragement1 Kings 1:Spiritual Warfare
11/30/15MonMarvin SmithSpiritual Warfare Conference - Part 1Gen 50:20Spiritual Warfare
11/29/15Sun AMPastor GriffinI Must Needs GoJohn 4:4-15Christian Living
11/29/15Sun PMPastor PaisleySpiritual Warfare1 Jn 4:1-5Spiritual Warfare
11/22/15Sun AMPastor PaisleyMountain Top of PraisePsa 103:1 - 5Thankfullness
11/22/15Sun PMPastor PaisleyDon't Waste Your ValleysDeut 11:11Christian Living
11/18/15WedBro. Cory BauderPatch ClubGen 1:Christian Living
11/15/15Sun AMPastor Paisleyly HeartburnLuke 24:15-32Spiritual Health
11/15/15Sun PMBro Mike HaleyReady To Appear2 Cor 5:10Missions
11/11/15WedBob ValierHow Mite You Give?Mark 12:38-44Christian Living
11/8/15Sun AMPastor GriffinA Message From A VeteranPsa 27:1-8Christian Living
11/8/15Sun PMBob ValierThe Duty of a ChristianLuke 17:5-10Christian Living
11/4/15WedPastor PaisleyStudy the ScripturesPsa 138:2God's Word
11/1/15Sun AMPastor PaisleySTOPProv 1:10,15,23Temptation
11/1/15Sun PMPastor GriffinDealing With Giants1 Sam 17:4-51Christian Living
10/25/15Sun AMPastor PaisleyFaithHeb 11:6 - 7Faith
10/25/15Sun PMPastor PaisleyChild Evangelism FellowshipMark 1:14Christian LivingChild Evangelism Fellowship
10/21/15WedMissionary Ed ButlerZechariah's VisionZech 4:1-7Christian Living
10/18/15Sun AMPastor GriffinBe Sure Your Sin Will Find You OutNum 32:1-23Spiritual Preventative Measures
10/18/15Sun PMPastor GriffinJoyGal 5:22Christian Living
10/14/15WedPastor PaisleyFleshly AppititeRom 6:1 - 14Christian Living
10/11/15Sun AMPastor GriffinElijah's Deppression1 Kings 19:1-15Spiritual Warfare
10/11/15Sun PMPastor PaisleyAsk For The Old PathsJer 6:14-19Christian Living
10/7/15WedPastor PaisleyThe Fear of the LordProv 1:6 - 8Christian Living
10/4/15Sun AMmissionary joe basilanpursuit of soulsRom 1:13Missions
10/4/15Sun PMBro. Arnold EspinoAt The Bottom Of The Barrel1 Kings 17:8-16Christian Living
9/30/15WedPastor PaisleyLiving Testimony1 Thes 1:3 - 10Christian Living
9/27/15Sun AMPastor GriffinSometimes Our Brook Dries Up1 Kings 17:1-9End Times
9/27/15Sun PMPastor PaisleyThe Mighty Word of God is Quick and PowerfulIsa 55:10-11Christian Living
9/23/15WedBro. Corey McDonaldIs There A Cause1 Sam 17:15Missions
9/20/15Sun AMPastor GriffinWhat Shall We Do With Jesus?Matt 27:17-26Christian Living
9/20/15Sun PMPastor PaisleyThe Far Reaching Affects Of SinRom 3:23Trials
9/16/15WedPastor PaisleyCome to the House of GodPsa 122:1Christian Living
9/13/15Sun AMPastor GriffinWhy I Love My ChurchActs 2:36-38;41-47Spirit-filled Living
9/13/15Sun PMPastor PaisleyrememberProv 7:10Encouragement52nd Anniversary
9/9/15WedBro. Bill PattersonKeys To Winning Souls For ChristMatt 28:18-20Missions
9/6/15Sun AMPastor Griffinbut we preach christ1 Cor 1:18Explaination
9/6/15Sun PMPastor PaisleyTreasuring TruthProv 3:3God's Word
9/2/15WedPastor PaisleyUnrighteous Authority1 Pet 2:13 - 17Christian Living
8/30/15Sun AMPastor GriffinWhat's Happened in America2 Chron 26:1 - 23Christian Living
8/30/15Sun PMPastor PaisleyThe Lord's Supper1 Cor 11:23-34Explaination
8/26/15WedMisionary Jim PetersonNow is the Time2 Cor 6:2Missions
8/23/15Sun AMPastor GriffinMake Sure Your FriendProv 6:1 - 3Christian Living
8/23/15Sun PMPastor PaisleyHe Cares For Us.Psa 142:4Christian Living
8/19/15WedPastor PaisleyWhy We Do What We DoJohn 3:16End Times
8/16/15Sun AMPastor GriffinThree Types of FaithEph 2:8-10Faith
8/16/15Sun PMPastor PaisleyThe Ship is SinkingActs 27:9-25End Times
8/12/15WedBro. Glen SwansonThe Great OpportunityMatt 28:18-20Missions
8/9/15Sun AMPastor PaisleyFreind of the FallenJohn 20:25 - 31Christian Living
8/9/15Sun PMMissionary Manuel SosaBe Available for GodGen 22:1,7,11Christian Living
8/5/15WedPastor PaisleyGet out of a Rut fast2 Cor 5:13-17
8/2/15Sun AMPastor PaisleyHow Dead Men Shall LiveRom 6:1-13Christian Living
8/2/15Sun PMPastor Griffinpray every where1 Tim 2:8-9Prayer
7/29/15WedPastor PaisleyFundamental Facts of Forgiveness & the Feelings that FollowPsa 51:1-17Forgiveness
7/26/15Sun AMPastor GriffinPerilous Times2 Tim 3:1-5End Times
7/26/15Sun PMPastor PaisleyKeeping The Main Thing The Main ThingLuke 17:22-31Christian Living
7/22/15WedBro. Drew SchettlerGod Is All You NeedRom 11:36Christian Living
7/19/15Sun AMPastor GriffinPeril # 11,12,13,142 Tim 3:2 - 5Christian Living
7/19/15Sun PMPastor PaisleyHow to Get Out of the Pits1 Pet 5:5-10Christian Living
7/15/15WedPastor PaisleyWarning Signs of Backsliding/RelapsingProv 14:14Christian Living
7/12/15Sun AMDr. Tom WilliamsStudy the BibleIsa 54:1 - 5Christian Living
7/12/15Sun PMDr. Tom WilliamsGo To The AntProv 30:24-28Christian Living
7/8/15WedPastor PaisleyThat I Might Know HimPhil 3:10Spiritual Growth
7/5/15Sun AMPastor GriffinPerilous Times2 Tim 3:1-4End Times
7/5/15Sun PMPastor PaisleyHow to Stay on Top in These Times2 Cor 4:8-18Encouragement
7/1/15WedHAC Anthony CollinsGod is for me.Psa 56:9Christian Living
6/28/15Sun AMPastor GriffinPerilous times Unholy2 Tim 3:1 - 2Christian Living
6/28/15Sun PMPastor PaisleyKeeping the Main Thing the Main Thing2 Tim 3:1-17Christian Living
6/24/15WedPastor PaisleyTreasures We Must FindProv 2:1-5Treasures
6/21/15Sun AMPastor GriffinBalanced Christain LifeEzek 1:1 - 11Christian Living
6/21/15Sun PMPastor PaisleyThe Most Wonderful FatherLuke 12:29-32SeasonalFather's Day
6/17/15Wedissionary Greg StedmanGreat things God hath Done.Psa 40: 5Missions
6/14/15Sun AMPastor GriffinPerils of the Last Days2 Tim 3:1End Times
6/14/15Sun PMPastor PaisleyHow to Make God HappyJer 9:24Christian Living
6/11/15WedPastor PaisleyPlaying to Win1 Cor 9:27Christian Maturity
6/7/15Sun AMPastor PaisleyReady or not here I come!Mark 13:28The End Times
6/7/15Sun PMPastor PaisleyHow to Make God HappyJer 9:24Serving God
6/3/15WedPastor GriffinChastening our childrenHeb 12:4-15Chastening
5/31/15Sun AMPastor GriffinTrust In The Lord With All Thine HeartProv 3:5-6Christian Living
5/31/15Sun PMPastor PaisleyGod's Guidelines for the Guidance of the GraduatesPsa 32:8-10Christian Living
5/27/15WedPastor GriffinDisciplining Our ChildrenProv 13:24Parenting
5/24/15Sun AMPastor GriffinI Sought for a ManEzek 22:23 - 31Christian Living
5/24/15Sun PMBro. Alexis GibbonsWe Do Not Well2 Kings 7:9Serving God
5/20/15WedMissionary Paul HudsonFaith Leads to Change1 Thes 1:1-10Spiritual Growth
5/17/15Sun AMPastor GriffinSowing The SeedMatt 13:3-9Soul Winning
5/17/15Sun PMPastor PaisleyBut Continue Thou2 Tim 3:1-14Christian Living
5/13/15WedPastor PaisleyContinueProv 6:20 - 22 Christian Living
5/10/15Sun AMBro. Gil AngerHaving Joy in the LordActs 13:51-52Missions
5/10/15Sun PMBro. Gil AngerDiscipleship2 Tim 3:1-9Discipleship
5/6/15WedPastor PaisleySit at the King's Table "Continually"2 Sam 9:7-13Christian Living
5/3/15Sun AMPastor PaisleyGiving thanks for missions confrencePhil 1:3Blessings
5/3/15Sun PMPastor GriffinFalling Out Of ChurchActs 20:7-12Christian Living
4/29/15WedPastor PaisleyThe Attitude of Gratitude Eph 5:18-20Christian Living
4/26/15Sun AMDr Don SiskHow to Evangelize the WorldMatt 28:16 - 20Christian Living
4/26/15Sun PMDr Don SiskThe Abc's Of Missions Giving2 Cor 9:6Missions
4/23/15ThuDr Don SiskThe Joy Of MissionsJohn 15:10Missions
4/22/15WedDr Don SiskWhy Not Unto The Uttermost Parts Of The EarthActs 1:1-8Missions
4/19/15Sun AMPastor GriffinUs more than MissionsMatt 10:36 - 39Missions
4/19/15Sun PMPastor PaisleyMission minded churchPhil 4:19Missions
4/15/15WedPastor PaisleyGiving for Missions2 Cor 8:1Missions
4/12/15Sun AMDr. Dennis CorlePlanning Your Departure2 Tim 4:6Salvation
4/12/15Sun PMDr. Dennis CorleWhat to do when it looks like its overActs 27:20Encouragement
4/8/15WedDr. Jim KennardFaith PromiseJosh 6:1-17Christian Living
4/5/15Sun AMPastor GriffinThe Week That Changed The WorldJohn 19:31Resurrection Sunday
4/5/15Sun PMPastor PaisleyCharges To The Man Of God2 Tim 4:1-3Ordination
4/1/15WedPastor PaisleyThe CrucifictionLuke 23:33Crucifiction
3/29/15Sun AMPastor GriffinPerilous Times 2 Tim 3:1-5End Times
3/29/15Sun PMPastor PaisleyDon't Miss the Day of Thy VisitationLuke 19:28-44SeasonalPalm Sunday
3/25/15WedPastor PaisleyWhat Hell Is Like?Luke 16:19-31Hell
3/22/15Sun AMPastor GriffinThe Days in Which we LiveMatt 24:1-6End Times
3/22/15Sun PMPastor PaisleyWhy Were We CreatedCol 1:16Explaination
3/18/15WedPastor PaisleyDifference between Rapture and Advent2 Tim 2:15Christ's Return
3/15/15Sun AMPastor GriffinSecond Coming John 14:1-3Christian Living
3/15/15Sun PMPastor PaisleyThe Importance Of The Power Of The Mind2 Cor 10:5Spiritual Warfare
3/11/15WedPastor PaisleyThru the ValleyDeut 11:7-12Christian Living
3/8/15Sun AMDr. Scotty DrakeHow The End Times Should Affect YouMatt 24:42, 44, 46The End Times
3/8/15Sun PMDr. Scotty Drakechoose you this day whom ye will serveJosh 24:15-17Christian Living
3/4/15WedPastor GriffinVerbal BlessingsGen 27:34Christian Living
3/1/15Sun AMDr. Ray YoungThe Validation of Christ's ResurrectionMatt 27:57ResurrectionJohn 20:8
3/1/15Sun PMDr. Ray YoungHow To Be Prepared To Do A Good Work2 Tim 2:21Christian Living
2/25/15WedMissionary James MalesThe Truth About IdolsIsa 46:1-5Christian Living
2/22/15Sun AMPastor GriffinStumblingblock or stepping stoneRom 14:Christian Living
2/22/15Sun PMPastor PaisleyPrayer is about Rejoicing Matt 6:7PrayerRadio transmitter Yakima
2/18/15WedPastor PaisleyKnowing Jesus Christ2 Pet 1:8Relationships
2/17/15TueDr. David GibbsThe Father of the ProdigalLuke 15:11-24ExplainationPresident's Day Tournament 2015
2/16/15MonDr. David GibbsThe List2 Pet 1:1-9Explaination2015 Tournament
2/15/15Sun AMDr. David GibbsFour Absolute Keys to Get Answers to PrayerJames 5:16-18Christian Living2015 President's Day Tournament
2/15/15Sun PMDr. David GibbsWithout FaithHeb 11:6Faith
2/11/15WedPastor PaisleyThe FleshRom 7:Temptation
2/8/15Sun AMPastor Keith GarnerAre You Preparing in the Off Season?Luke 4:1-13Christian Living
2/8/15Sun PMPastor MikeEdifying the body of Christ:Eph 4:11-12Christian Living
2/4/15WedPastor GriffinMiracle of IsraelGen 12:Israel
2/1/15Sun AMPastor GriffinFor Such a Time as ThisEsth 5:1Annual Theme
2/1/15Sun PMPastor PaisleyLessons Of A Seahawk FanActs 4:12-13Christian Living
1/28/15WedPastor PaisleyThe PhlegmaticGal 5:22-23The Temperments
1/25/15Sun AMPastor GriffinFor Such a Time as ThisEsth 4:10-14Christian Living
1/25/15Sun PMPastor PaisleyMotivations For Giving To MissionsMatt 28:19Motivational
1/21/15WedPastor PaisleyMelancholy-MosesGal 5:16Spirit-Contolled Temperaments
1/18/15Sun AMDr. Jim VineyardThe Gospel of ChristRom 1:16Salvation
1/18/15Sun PMDr. Jim VineyardThe Coming of the MessiahDan 9:24-27The End Times
1/14/15WedPastor Paisley Temperments CholoricGal 5:22-23Christian Living
1/11/15Sun AMPastor GriffinAs For Me And My HouseJosh 24:15Family
1/11/15Sun PMPastor PaisleyProper Principles With Proper Practice1 Cor 6:9-12Spiritual Warfare
1/7/15WedPastor Paisleythe TemperamentsGal 5:22-26Spirit-Contolled Temperaments
1/4/15Sun AMPastor PaisleyPrinciples of ResolutionProv 4:20-27Christian Living
1/4/15Sun PMPastor GriffinTake Hold of GodIsa 64:1-9Spirit-filled LivingFirst Sunday of 2015
12/31/14WedPastor PaisleyLooking Back & Pressing ForwardPhil 3:4-14Christian Living
12/28/14Sun AMPastor GriffinAre you going to do 2015 with God or without HimJames 4:13-15
12/28/14Sun PMPastor PaisleyWhat you can count onHeb 13:8Jesus
12/24/14WedPastor PaisleyHow to Have a Right ChristmasJohn 1:1-5Christmas
12/21/14Sun AMPastor GriffinSimple Plan of God's Salvation - Part 2Matt 1:18-20Christian Living
12/21/14Sun PMPastor Paisleyhe humbled himselfPhil 2:8Christmas
12/17/14WedPastor PaisleyThe mission of the MessiahJohn 18:37Christian Living
12/14/14Sun AMPastor GriffinSimple Plan of God's SalvationMatt 1:18 - 24Christian Living
12/14/14Sun PMPastor PaisleyMary Did You Know?1 Tim 3:16Christian Living
12/10/14WedEvangelist Mark RogersIt"s Not About The GrasshopperNum 13:Christian Living
12/7/14Sun AMPastor GriffinStop ResistingJohn 15:1-7God's Will
12/7/14Sun PMMissionary Jeremy StewartPrayerJer 33:3Prayer
12/3/14WedPastor PaisleyPower of a Pure Conscience2 Tim 1:3Christian Living
11/30/14Sun AMPastor GriffinThe Four F's of the Christian Faith - Pt 2Psa 37:1-7Christian LivingSunday Morning after Thanksgiving
11/30/14Sun PMPastor PaisleyThe power of a clear conscience1 Tim 1:18-20Christian Living
11/26/14WedPastor PaisleyAn Attitude of GratitudePsa 103:1-22TestimoniesIncludes Thanksgiving Testimonies
11/23/14Sun AMEvangelist Dan HawtreeA Tale of Two HousesMatt 7:24-29SalvationSunday before Thanksgiving
11/23/14Sun PMEvangelist Dan HawtreeHow To Handle Whats Handling YouMatt 11:28-30Christian Living
11/19/14WedMarvin Smith Facing AdversityCol 1:16 -17Christian Living
11/18/14TueMarvin SmithUnderstanding AdversityCol 1:16-17Spiritual Warfare
11/17/14MonMarvin SmithEmbracing AdversityCol 1:16-17 Christian Living
11/16/14Sun AMPastor Griffin Four F'sPsa 36:10 - 12Christian Living
11/16/14Sun PMPastor PaisleyOur God Who SavesPsa 107:1-25Doctrinal
11/12/14WedPastor PaisleyCleaning the Clutter out of your ClosetPsa 66:18Mat.6:1-4; Isa.53:6;58:13-14; Ps.37:4
11/9/14Sun PMPaul Vantray (Burma)Pressing On To Preach of the GospelJer 20:7-9Missions
11/9/14Sun AMPastor GriffinVeterans of Spiritual Warfare2 Cor 10:4-5Christian Living
11/5/14WedBob ValierGod's Ways Are Not Man's WaysProv 14:12Christian Living
11/2/14Sun AMDR MissionActs 1:8-10Christian Living
11/2/14Sun PMBob ValierA Biblical Perspective of Money And PossessionsLuke 16:10-12Money/Treasure
10/29/14WedMissionary Ed BordellPassionRom 9:1 - 3Christian Living
10/26/14Sun AMPastor Keith GarnerLearning How To DieRom 6:7Christian Living
10/26/14Sun PMPastor Keith GarnerFellowshipPhil 3:7-11Christian Living
10/22/14WedPastor Mike SchwalbachDedication to the LordRom 12:1Christian Living
10/19/14Sun AMPastor PaisleyThe Great CommissionMatt 28:18 - 20Soul Winning
10/15/14WedJames RuckmanLove Not Your Life To The DeathRev 12:11Missions
10/12/14Sun PMPastor PaisleyWalk In The Old PathsJer 6:16Christian Living
10/12/14Sun AMPastor GriffinThe Ancient LandmarksProv 22:24Christian Living
10/8/14WedPastor PaisleySteps For Keeping In The RaceHeb 12:1-3Christian Living
10/5/14Sun AMPastor GriffinJudgment Seat of Christ2 Cor 5:10Explaination
10/5/14Sun PMPastor PaisleyCares Of This WorldMark 4:13-20Spiritual Warfare
10/1/14WedPastor PaisleyBeing a Witness1 Thes 1:1-10Church, The
9/28/14Sun PMPastor Paisleyfilled with the spirit of God Eph 5:14-16Christian Living
9/24/14WedDr. Tom WallaceGodly 1 Chron 4:9 - 10Christian Living
9/21/14Sun AMDr. Tom WallaceHeaven, Hell And EternityIsa 64:4Christian Living
9/21/14Sun PMDr. Tom WallaceHow You Can Grow Old-HappyEccl 12:1-14Christian Living
9/17/14WedMissionary Tom NeedhamMissions PresentationJohn 7:37Missions
9/14/14Sun AMPastor GriffinGidieon-Mighty Man of ValourJudg 6:1-40Christian Living
9/14/14Sun PMPastor PaisleyBenefits of Church AttendanceHeb 10:22-25
9/10/14WedMissionary BernsdorffDecption of TraditionCol 2:8Christian Living
9/7/14Sun AMPastor PaisleyOur Compassionate ChristMatt 9:35-38CompassionRound Up Sunday
9/7/14Sun PMBro. Kevin WalkerLittle Is MuchJohn 6:1-9Christian Living
9/3/14WedPastor PaisleyHow We can be used of God.1 Sam 16:11 - 13Christian Living
8/31/14Sun AMBrp. SehmishBiblical PrinciplesGen 2:16 - 17Christian Living
8/31/14Sun PMBrp. SehmishSufficient GraceGen 32:24-28Grace
8/27/14WedPastor PaisleyThe Key to PeacePhil 4:6-7Christian Living
8/24/14Sun AMPastor GriffinOvercoming Depression1 Kings 19:1-19Christian Living
8/24/14Sun PMPastor PaisleyShowing Jesus That We Love HimJohn 14:15LoveCommunion Night
8/20/14WedPastor PaisleyStop! Look! & Listen!Prov 1:8-10Christian Living
8/17/14Sun AMPastor GriffinDepressionPsa 40:1-5Christian Living
8/17/14Sun PMPastor PaisleyShooting SheepEph 4:25-32Christian Living
8/10/14Sun AMBen BurksRejection: God Likes Us1 Chr 28:1-7Christian Living
8/10/14Sun PMBen BurksBe Stirred Up for Christ2 Tim 1:6Christian Living
8/6/14WedPastor PaisleyHow to Solve a Problem We All HavePsalm 32:1-5Christian Living
8/3/14Sun AMPastor GriffinBeing a WandererProv 21:16-19Christian Living
8/3/14Sun PMPastor PaisleyCamp TestimoniesPhil 2:3Testimonies
7/30/14WedMissionary Vince LaRueCommit to Christ1 Kings 19:1-18Missions
7/27/14Sun AMPastor GriffinThe Overcoming of Temptation1 Cor 10:13Temptation
7/27/14Sun PMPastor PaisleyI Have Finished My Course2 Tim 4:1-8End Times
7/23/14WedPastor PaisleyWhat Are We Watching?Acts 1:1-11Christian Living
7/20/14Sun AMPastor GriffinTemptation1 Cor 10:13Temptation
7/20/14Sun PMPastor PaisleyThe Blood of the LambRev 12:10-11Doctrinal
7/16/14WedSpencer BakerFruit in Our LivesMark 4:14-20Missions
7/13/14Sun AMPastor GriffinSelf RighteousnessLuke 7:36-50Christian Living
7/13/14Sun PMPastor Paisleygreat awards service2 Chron 5:10-12Christian Living
7/9/14WedPastor PaisleyDon't Quit!Gal 6:7-9Motivational
7/6/14Sun AMPastor PaisleySaved but not FreeJohn 8:30-36Salvation
7/6/14Sun PMPastor Paisley4 Things We Do to Become Enemies of America2 Chron 7:14PrayerSunday PM after 4th of July
7/2/14WedMissionary Phillip RobinsonContinue in the Love of ChristMatt 9:36Missions
6/29/14Sun PMPastor Griffinsaltless Christians Matt 5:10-14Christian Living
6/29/14Sun AMPastor GriffinThe Problem of ProcrastinationActs 24:22-27Christian Maturity
6/25/14WedMissionary Robert MurilloAdopted into the FamilyMatt 10:37-42MissionsMissionary with Orphanage in Guadalajara, Mexico
6/22/14Sun AMPastor GriffinRemember Lot's wifeLuke 17:26 - 29Christian Living
6/22/14Sun PMPastor Paisleybattle of the bulgeHeb 12:1-2Motivational
6/18/14WedPastor PaisleyBattle for the Mind2 Cor 10:3 - 5Temptation
6/15/14Sun PMPastor PaisleyHe is a Father to the FatherlessMatt 6:9Greatness of God
6/15/14Sun AMPastor GriffinDoing Good to OthersRom 12:13Christian Living
6/11/14WedBro. Milton HickeyRunning the Race1 Cor 9:24Christian Living
6/8/14Sun AMPastor GriffinTest Day: Part 2Rom 12:12Encouragement
6/8/14Sun PMPastor PaisleyThe Power of PrayerLuke 5:4-10Christian Living
6/4/14WedPastor GriffinKnowing the Will of GodRom 12:1-2Christian Living
6/1/14Sun AMPastor GriffinTest DayRom 12:9-21Explaination
6/1/14Sun PMPastor Paisleylook in the right place2 Cor 4:1-5Christian Living
5/28/14WedBro. Brant StroufLiving by FaithHeb 10:38Faith
5/25/14Sun AMBro. Gil AngerNot KnowingHeb 11:8-13God's WillMemorial Weekend
5/25/14Sun PMPastor GriffinFinders Weepers, Losers KeepersMatt 10:39Serving GodIncludes testimonies from Philippines trip
5/21/14WedPastor Brad OhlerSending Out our OwnActs 13:1 - 2Missions
5/18/14Sun AMBro. Gil AngerCan You Hear the CryExo 3:7 - 9Christian Living
5/18/14Sun PMBro. Gil AngerTraining Children2 Tim 2:20-22Christian LivingRBBI Graduation
5/14/14WedPastor PaisleyA Passion for SoulsMatt 9:36-38Soul Winning
5/11/14Sun AMPastor GriffinWill the real Mother stand up1 Kings 3:16-28Christian Living
5/11/14Sun PMPastor PaisleyPower of Persistent Prayers of a Mother2 Tim 1:5PrayerMother's Day Testimonies
5/7/14WedPastor PaisleyThe Blessings of Victory2 Cor 2:14Christian Living
5/4/14Sun AMDr Don SiskmissionActs 2:41-42Missions
5/4/14Sun PMDr Don SiskFaith promise Luke 15:9-10Missions
5/1/14ThuDr Don SiskPrinciples of OwnershipMatt 25:14-30MissionsMissions Conference 2014
4/27/14Sun AMPastor GriffinThe Dimension of Faith2 Cor 5:1-7Faith
4/27/14Sun PMPastor PaisleyProofs of the RaptureMatt 24:32-42Prophecy
4/23/14WedPastor PaisleyWhat is Faith?Heb 11:1FaithFaith Promise
4/20/14Sun AMPastor GriffinOur LifeMatt 28:1 - 6Resurrection
4/20/14Sun PMPastor PaisleyGood News from a Far CountryProv 25:25Resurrection SundayLive like you believe in His Resurrection
4/16/14WedJim KennardEffect on World EvangelismJohn 20:1 - 21Christian Living
4/13/14Sun AMDr. Dennis Corle Why God Called a Man a Fool?Luke 12:16-20SalvationCountry Fair
4/13/14Sun PMDr. Dennis CorleThe Whole Armour of GodEph 6:10-18Christian Living
4/9/14WedPastor PaisleyHis Word Above AllPhil 2:5 - 11God's Word
4/6/14Sun AMPastor PaisleyWhen the Teacher is TaughtJohn 3:1-16Salvation
4/2/14WedMissionary Joel HauserUnsearchable riches of ChristActs 16:10Christian Living
3/30/14Sun AMPastor GriffinThe Last WordsLuke 23:33-34CrucifictionChicken Chase Sunday
3/26/14WedPastor PaisleyThe blessing of Buffeting..2 Cor 12:1 - 10Christian Living
3/23/14Sun AMPastor GriffinLet this CupLuke 22:40 - Christian Living
3/23/14Sun PMPastor PaisleyDon't Lose Heart2 Cor 4:16-18Motivational
3/19/14WedPastor Paisley7 Steps to Walking in the SpiritGal 5:16-26Spirit-filled Living
3/16/14Sun AMPastor GriffinPractice the Presence of JesusPsa 23:1 - 4Christian Living
3/16/14Sun PMPastor PaisleyHow David Fell From Idleness2 Sam 11:1-2Christian Living
3/12/14WedPastor Paisleywalking in the spirit Rom 7:1-5Christian Living
3/9/14Sun AMPastor GriffinThe Last DenialMark 14:27-31 Resurrection3rd in Easter Sermons
3/9/14Sun PMPastor Griffin7 Scriptural Steps to Growing in GraceHeb 6:1 Christian Maturity
3/5/14WedPastor PaisleyThe Last DaysMatt 24:32 - 35The End Times
3/2/14Sun AMPastor GriffinThe Last SupperMatt 26:1-24Christian Living
3/2/14Sun PMPastor PaisleyThe Wonders of Heaven1 Cor 2:9-14Heaven
2/26/14WedPastor PaisleyA Place called HeavenJohn 14:1 - 3Christian Living
2/23/14Sun AMPastor GriffinThe Last ParableMatt 25:14-30ResurrectionSeries of Messages 1
2/23/14Sun PMPastor PaisleySurely Gen 2:17-21Christian Living
2/18/14TuePastor John Matthews JrWhat are you giving Luke 21:1-5Christian Living
2/17/14MonPastor Alex MonozThere is a Cause1 Sam 17:4,6,29Serving God
2/16/14Sun AMPastor Alex MonozStay behind the white lineGal 3:1Christian Living
2/16/14Sun PMPastor John MathewsWorking TogetherNeh 2:17-20ParentingSpecial speaker for tournament
2/12/14WedPastor PaisleyPractical Precepts in Proverbs1 Kings 3:6 - 27Christian Living
2/9/14Sun AMPastor GriffinWhy Did Jesus Come?Luke 19:10Salvation
2/9/14Sun PMPastor PaisleyDo All To The Glory Of God1 Cor 10:31-33Christian Living
2/2/14Sun AMPastor PaisleyPiercing the DarknessEph 6:10 - 18Christian Living
2/2/14Sun PMPastor GriffinA Grace KillerLuke 15:24Grace
1/29/14WedPastor PaisleyBeholding the Distractions1 Cor 7:35Christian Living
1/26/14Sun AMDr. Ray YoungCentered around the ChurchActs 2:1 - 4Christian Living
1/26/14Sun PMDr. Ray YoungTo Christ, Everything Is ImportantEccl 11:6Christian Living
1/22/14WedPastor PaisleyThe Robson's Phil 1:1-8Christian Living
1/19/14Sun AMPastor GriffinThe Prodigal Son: The Way HomeLuke 15:11-24Christian Living
1/19/14Sun PMPastor Griffinadulterers and adultressesJames 4:1-17Christian Living
1/15/14WedPastor PaisleyConnected2 Cor 6:14 - 18Christian Living
1/12/14Sun AMPastor GriffinSteps Away from GodLuke 15:11-24Temptation
1/12/14Sun PMPastor PaisleyLiving Without ApathyRev 3:14-22Christian Living
1/8/14WedMissionary John BurkholderShare Your TestimonyJohn 4:3-15Soul Winning
1/5/14Sun AMPastor GriffinIf I be Lifted UpNum 21:4 - 9Christian Living
1/5/14Sun PMPastor PaisleyLift Him UpJohn 12:32Annual Theme
12/31/13TuePastor PaisleyThree Ways to Lift Up The LordJohn 12:1-32Christian Living
12/29/13Sun AMPastor Griffin10 New Years Resolutions from the Wisest Man that Ever LivedProv 3:1Seasonal
12/29/13Sun PMPastor PaisleyUnwrapping God's GiftsJames 1:17-21Seasonal
12/25/13WedEvangelist Mark RogersGod Showed up Right on TimeLuke 2:8-20Christmas
12/22/13Sun AMPastor GriffinLittle Things About ChristmasMicah 5:1-5Seasonal
12/22/13Sun PMPastor PaisleyChristmas is a time for Luke 8:1-12Christian Living
12/18/13WedPastor PaisleyThe Good Shepherd: Why He Came John 10:7-11SeasonalMark Rogers Family Sings
12/15/13Sun AMPastor GriffinJesus vs. Santa2 Tim 3:1 - 4Christmas
12/15/13Sun PMPastor PaisleyGod's Christmas Gifts - Never Late!Isa 9:6-7Jesus
12/11/13WedPastor PaisleyGod manifest in the fleshPhil 2:5 - 11Jesus
12/8/13Sun AMPastor GriffinA Tale of Two KingsMatt 2:1-8Seasonal
12/8/13Sun PMPastor PaisleyWise Men Still Seek HimMatt 2:1-12Seasonal
12/4/13WedBro. John FullfordAre You Growing?Hag 1:1-5Christian Maturity
12/1/13Sun AMPastor PaisleyA True ChristmasJohn 1:1 - 5:,14Seasonal
12/1/13Sun PMPastor GriffinIn the LordPhil 1:14-21Christian Living
11/24/13Sun AMPastor PaisleyThanking God For His MercyPsa 136:1 3Christian Living
11/24/13Sun PMPastor PaisleySeven Reasons to be ThankfulRom 1:19-22Seasonal
11/17/13Sun AMBob ValierA Good NameProv 22:1 - 2Christian Living
11/17/13Sun PMBob ValierGodliness With Contentment is Great Gain1 Tim 6:6-11Christian Living
11/10/13Sun AMPastor PaisleyA good soldier2 Tim 2:1 - 5Christian Living
11/10/13Sun PMPastor PaisleyA Good Soldier 2 Tim 2:1-5Christian LivingContinued
11/6/13WedPastor PaisleyTargets of the TempterMatt 3:13-4:11 Christian Living
11/3/13Sun AMPastor GriffinHELP Ministries Eccl 11:1MissionsMissionary Moor Montez
11/3/13Sun PMMissionary Moore MontesIn Memory of a WasteMatt 26:6-13Missions
10/30/13WedPastor PaisleyGrace of God1 Cor 15:10-Grace
10/27/13Sun AMPastor's Ohler & McCulloughFor this causeCol 1:9Christian Living
10/27/13Sun PMPastor Munoz & Pastor LemmonsTributes to Pastor Paisley2 Cor 5:20Christian TestimonyPastor Lemmon's main text: Prov. 20:6
10/20/13Sun AMPastor GriffinWhere did you lose your joy.John 16:20 - 22,24Encouragement
10/20/13Sun PMPastor GriffinThree-Fold CordEccl 4:6-12Family
10/16/13WedPastor PaisleyBlessed Benefits of the BiblePsa 103:1-5.10-14Blessings
10/13/13Sun AMPastor GriffinAsk for the Old PathsJer 6:9 - 19Christian Living
10/13/13Sun PMPastor PaisleyFollow The Old PathsJer 6:16Christian Living
10/9/13WedDr. Tom WallaceUncovering IslamMatt 7:13 - 14Evangelism
10/6/13Sun AMPastor PaisleyTake the Step of Faith Heb 11:6-7Faith
10/6/13Sun PMPastor GriffinFacing the Giants1 Sam 17:1-28Faith
10/2/13WedPastor PaisleyPower of the GospelActs 1:8The Gospel
9/29/13Sun AMPastor GriffinA Vital Living Active FaithHeb 11:1 - 6Faith
9/29/13Sun PMPastor PaisleyLiving the Abundant LifeJohn 10:1-11Christian Living
9/25/13WedMissionary Daniel SuckowYoke up with GodMatt 11:28-30Christian LivingPsalm 1:19
9/22/13Sun AMPastor GriffinAbout your Heart.Heb 10:19-25Encouragement
9/22/13Sun PMPastor PaisleyBeing a Witness Through KOLU1 Thes 1:3-10Missions
9/15/13Sun AMPastor GriffinChurch Memories1 Cor 15:3Church History
9/15/13Sun PMPastor PaisleyPastor Paisley's TestimonyPsa 84:1-4, 10Testimonies
9/11/13WedMarvin Smithprayer part 3Matt 6:9-13 Prayer
9/10/13TueMarvin SmithPrayer part 2Matt 6:9-13Prayer
9/9/13MonMarvin SmithPrayer part 1Matt 6:9-13Prayer
9/8/13Sun AMPastor GriffinWhat If John 3:16 Were Not True?John 3:16Salvation
9/8/13Sun PMPastor PaisleyThe Temple of God1 Cor 6:19-20Christian Living
9/4/13WedPastor PaisleyDealing with GriefGen 2:21-24Christian LivingJob 1:20-22
9/1/13Sun AMPastor GriffinLoborPsa 104:22-25SeasonalLabor Day
9/1/13Sun PMAndrew LewisBold as a LionProv 28:1Boldness
8/28/13WedPastor PaisleyWatch & Pray Matt 26:40-41Christian Living
8/25/13Sun AMPastor PaisleySigns of the Times2 Tim 3:1-7End Times
8/21/13WedGeorge RanftThe CrossLuke 23:33Reformers Unanimous
8/18/13Sun AMPastor GriffinEight Unchanging Truths for a Changing WorldLuke 21:25-28The End Times
8/18/13Sun PMPastor GriffinLiving Well For The LordGal 5:1-10Christian Living
8/14/13WedPastor PaisleyThe Shepard and His SheepPsa 23:1 - Trials
8/11/13Sun AMPastor GriffinEvening WolvesMatt 10:16The Enemy
8/11/13Sun PMPastor PaisleySpeaking the Truth in LoveEph 4:11-16Love
8/4/13Sun AMPastor GriffinWe Think Too Much and Believe Too Little2 Kings 5:1-14Christian Living
8/4/13Sun PMPastor PaisleyPower of a TestomonyJohn 4:39Christian TestimonyTeen Camp Testimonies
7/31/13WedPastor PaisleyThe Memory of the Just is BlessedProv 10:7Church History
7/28/13Sun AMPastor GriffinGodly FearHeb 12:25 - 29Christian Living
7/28/13Sun PMPastor PaisleyThe Priority of Reading God's WordExo 16:11-21Motivational
7/24/13WedWest Coast Are You Consumed?Rom 1:13-17Christian Living
7/21/13Sun AMPastor GriffinA Godly DesirePhil 3:12Serving God
7/21/13Sun PMPastor PaisleyNever forget Deut 8:1-14Christian Living
7/17/13WedMissionary Spencer SmithManiac of GaderaLuke 8:22 - -28Missions
7/14/13Sun AMPastor GriffinGodly Sorrow2 Cor 7:5-11Christian Living
7/14/13Sun PMPastor PaisleyChildrenMark 10:13 - 16Christian Living
7/10/13WedPastor PaisleyBeing Confident in ChristPhil 1:6Christian Living
7/7/13Sun AMPastor PaisleyThe Most Important RelationshipJohn 3:1-7Salvation
7/7/13Sun PMPastor GriffinThe Holiness of GodIsa 6:1-8Greatness of GodTeen Testimonies from Youth Conference
7/3/13WedPastor PaisleyThe Sin of Forgetting GodDeut 6:6 - 12Christian Living
6/30/13Sun AMPastor GriffinLoving othersJohn 15:9 - 21Love
6/30/13Sun PMPastor PaisleyBook of GalatiansGal 2:1 Christian Living
6/26/13WedPastor PaisleyLets Live for the LordIsa 41:21-23End TimesTeens at North Valley Baptist Church Youth Conference
6/23/13Sun AMPastor GriffinWho's To Say When Sin is FinishedJames 1:12-16Christian Living
6/23/13Sun PMPastor PaisleyRedeem the Time, Because the Days Are EvilEph 5:14-18Christian Living
6/16/13Sun PMPastor PaisleyF A T H E RPsa 12:1Acostic
6/12/13WedPastor PaisleyPraise Him continuallyPsa 40:16Christian Living
6/9/13Sun AMPastor GriffinExcusesLuke 14:16 - 24Salvation
6/9/13Sun PMPastor PaisleyInvitation to CleansingIsa 1:1-18Spiritual Health
6/5/13WedPastor PaisleyThe King of DeceptionRev 12:9-10Money/Treasure
6/2/13Sun AMPastor GriffinLet God be True, and Every Man a LiarRom 3:1-4Christian Living
6/2/13Sun PMPastor PaisleyThe Teacher and the Student2 Tim 1:1 - 5GraduationGraduation 2013
5/29/13WedPastor PaisleyTriumph in Christ2 Cor 2:14 - 16Christian Living
5/26/13Sun AMPastor GriffinWalls & Gates in Our LivesNeh 1:1-4Christian LivingMemorial Day Weekend
5/26/13Sun PMGil AngerBe Prepared for the Lord's ComingMatt 25:14-30Christian LivingIntro. chapter is Matthew 24:36-39
5/22/13WedPastor GriffinThe Spirit of InfirmityLuke 13:11Christian Living
5/19/13Sun AMPastor GriffinDepression Part 2Psa 77:1-20Christian Living
5/19/13Sun PMPastor PaisleyThe Bible is Our TextbookPsa 19:7-14Doctrinal
5/15/13WedBro. Gil AngerWisdomJames 1:1-8Christian Living
5/12/13Sun AMPastor GriffinMothersJohn 19:26 -27Christian Living
5/12/13Sun PMPastor PaisleyThe Ministry of a Virtuous WomanProv 31:10-31Seasonal
5/8/13WedPastor PaisleyMessage of HopeJohn 14:1 - 6Comfort
5/5/13Sun AMPastor GriffinDepressionPsa 42:5,11Spiritual Battles
5/5/13Sun PMPastor PaisleyUrgency of the GospelRev 22:20-21End Times
5/1/13WedPastor PaisleyThe Day of AdversityProv 24:3-14Doctrinal
4/28/13Sun AMDr. Mike PattersonWhy We Give to Faith Promise2 Cor 9:6-11Missions2013 Missions Conference
4/28/13Sun PMDr. Mike PattersonStarting Over Josh 1:1-9Missions
4/25/13ThuDr. Mike Patterson8 Principles for Faith Promise2 Cor 8:4 - 9:12MissionsMissions Conference 2013
4/24/13WedDr. Mike PattersonTeach the Word of God2 Chron 17:7-12MissionsMissions Conference 2013
4/21/13Sun AMPastor GriffinFaith Comes by HearingRom 10:17Faith
4/21/13Sun PMPastor PaisleyVisions We Ought to HaveProv 29:18Christian Living
4/17/13WedDr. Jim KennardDull of hearingHeb 5:11Missions
4/14/13Sun AMPastor GriffinMans disappointments are God's appointmentsGen 50:20 Christian Living
4/14/13Sun PMPastor GriffinCarry the Mail Acts 15:22-28MissionsMissionary Lemmon
4/10/13WedPastor PaisleyYe are the Salt of the EarthMatt 5:2-13PersecutionAtributes of Salt
4/7/13Sun AMDr. Dennis CorleSalvation is an EmergencyHeb 2:3Salvation
4/7/13Sun PMDr. Dennis CorleTroubled waters are for healing John 5:1 - 4Christian Living
4/3/13WedPastor Paisley8 Ways to Glorify God1 Cor 10:31Christian Living
3/31/13Sun AMPastor PaisleyGood News From a Far CountryMatt 28:1-7Resurrection
3/31/13Sun PMPastor PaisleyThe Last Supper & the ResurrectionLuke 22:12-20The Lord's Supper
3/27/13WedPastor PaisleyMay We Never ForgetMatt 27:26-44CrucifictionWednesday before Easter Sunday
3/24/13Sun AMDr, George CrabbIt Works!John 2:1-11Christian Living
3/24/13Sun PMBen BurksBeing sidetracked by Symtoms Rev 3:19 - 22Spiritual Battles
3/21/13ThuBen BurksHow to Handle Your CausesDeut 1:9RestorationRU Conference
3/20/13WedBen BurksBeing Filled with the Spirit of GodEph 5:18-20RestorationR.U. Conference
3/17/13Sun AMPastor GriffinOn a Hill far awayLuke 23:33 - 34Christian Living
3/17/13Sun PMPastor PaisleyPastor Park's CommissionActs 13:1-4Missions
3/13/13WedPastor PaisleyMaster of he StormMark 4:35 - 41Christian Living
3/10/13Sun AMPastor Griffin6 things that happenedRom 5:8Christian Living
3/10/13Sun PMPastor GriffinHypocrisyActs 4:33Christian Testimony
3/6/13WedPastor GriffinGreat PeacePsa 119:165Spiritual Health
3/3/13Sun AMPastor PaisleyWhat seest thouJer 1:4 - 13Christian Living
3/3/13Sun PMPastor Griffincrowns at Jesus feet 1 Cor 9:22-24Christian Living
2/27/13WedPastor PaisleyEvery Man is Doing Right in His Own EyesJudg 21:25Christian Living
2/24/13Sun AMPastor GriffinRaising Up ChildrenProv 22:6Parenting
2/24/13Sun PMPastor Paisleyfrom the LordPsa 40:2 - 3Christian Living
2/20/13WedPastor PaisleyBeing Down1 Pet 5:5 -10Christian Living
2/19/13TueDr. Ray YoungHiram1 Kings 5:1Christian Living
2/18/13MonDr. Ray YoungServe God Now1 Sam 17:33Serving GodMonday Night President's Day Tournament
2/17/13Sun AMDr. Ray YoungAnother Man1 Sam 9:1=6Christian Living
2/17/13Sun PMDr. Ray YoungCumbrances, Burdens and StrifeDeut 1:9-17Christian Living335th Presidents Day Tournament
2/13/13WedPastor PaisleyPraisePsa 136:1 - 3Christian Living
2/10/13Sun AMPastor GriffinRead your own Mail2 Cor 10:12Christian Living
2/10/13Sun PMPastor PaisleyJesus, Our Burden Bearer.Matt 11:28-30Christian Living
2/6/13WedPastor PaisleyThe Christians Secret WeaponEph 6:11-18Prayerread from This Present Darkness
2/3/13Sun AMPastor GriffinIncrease in wisdom & stature. with God & manLuke 2:40-52Christian Living
2/3/13Sun PMPastor GriffinBeing a Champion for ChristHeb 12:1-4Christian Living
1/30/13WedPastor PaisleyPraise Ye the LordPsa 113:1 - 4Christian Living
1/27/13Sun PMPastor PaisleyTouching HeavenExo 17:8 - 14Prayer
1/23/13WedPastor PaisleyMinistry of MusicJob 21:7-13Music
1/20/13Sun AMPastor GriffinMarriage, God's WayEph 5:21-33Marriage
1/20/13Sun PMPastor PaisleyFeelingsGen 27:15-15Christian Living
1/16/13WedJon La BelleHaving CompassionMatt 9:35-38MissionsMissionary to Sierra Leone
1/13/13Sun AMPastor GriffinThe FamilyGen 2:18 - 25Family
1/13/13Sun PMPastor PaisleyThe One Things in the Christian Life2 Cor 11:3Christian Living
1/9/13WedPastor Paisleyinsight to the iniquity to Gods wordMicah 7:1-9Christian Living
1/6/13Sun AMPastor PaisleyLiving For Eternity in 20132 Cor 4:16-18Christian Living
1/6/13Sun PMPastor GriffinAre You Ordained?John 15:16Christian Living
1/2/13WedPastor PaisleyRejoice in the LordPhil 4:4 - 13Christian Living
12/30/12Sun AMPastor GriffinExcellenceCol 3:23Serving God
12/30/12Sun PMPastor PaisleyIt Is High Time to AwakeRom 13:11-14End Times
12/26/12WedPastor PaisleyWhat happen after Jesus was born2 Cor 10:5-10Christian Living
12/23/12Sun AMPastor GriffinHopeLuke 2:36-38SeasonalChristmas Service
12/23/12Sun PMPastor PaisleyWhen Your Dream Becomes a NightmareMatt 1:18-25Trusting God
12/19/12WedPastor GriffinIt's Ok to Go Another WayMatt 2:12Seasonal
12/16/12Sun AMPastor GriffinI'm Dreaming of a "Right" ChristmasMatt 2:1-9Christian LivingPart 2
12/16/12Sun PMPastor PaisleyThe Birth of Christ Isa 9:6-9Seasonal
12/12/12WedEvangelist Mark RogersGod's love is two-somethings deeperJohn 3:16Christian Living
12/9/12Sun AMPastor GriffinI am Dreaming of a "Right" ChristmasMatt 2:1-9SeasonalPart 1
12/9/12Sun PMPastor PaisleyPraying for missionaries2 Thes 3:1 - 2Missions
12/5/12WedPastor GriffinAttitudes Of CHRISTmasMatt 2:1-12Seasonal
12/2/12Sun AMPastor GriffinFaithfulnessLuke 17:1 - 10Christian Living
12/2/12Sun PMPastor GriffinGetting Used to the DarkMatt 6:22Explaination
11/28/12WedDr. Bob VallierSeek God, not yourself1 Pet 4:1 - 8Christian Living
11/25/12Sun AMDr. Bob VallierPersonal FinanceLuke 16:1 - 9Christian Living
11/25/12Sun PMPastor PaisleyGod's Love1 Jn 3:16Love
11/21/12WedPastor Paisley what do you valueLuke 15:1-5Christian Living
11/18/12Sun AMPastor GriffinNailing it to His CrossCol 2:13 - 15Salvation
11/18/12Sun PMPastor PaisleyIt's All About HimEph 3:16 - 21Greatness of God
11/14/12WedPastor PaisleyThe PsalmistPsa 18:1 - 6Trusting God
11/11/12Sun AMPastor GriffinThe CruciifictionMatt 27:29 - 36Salvation
11/11/12Sun PMPastor PaisleyQualities of a Good Soldier2 Tim 2:3Serving God
11/7/12WedPastor GriffinThe Fiery Trials2 Chron 7:14Spiritual Warfare
11/4/12Sun AMHELP MinistriesWe Love You In TruthEph 2:1-3Christian LivingMini Missions Conference
11/4/12Sun PMHELP MinistriesThe Mary of BethonyMark 14:9MissionsMini Mission Conference
10/31/12WedMissionary Ryan StrotherPraying for Your MissionariesCol 4:2-3Missions
10/28/12Sun AMPastor GriffinWhen Your Place is Empty1 Sam 20:18EternityFollowing Pastor Robson's Going to Heaven
10/28/12Sun PMPastor Paisley3 Things About HeavenRev 21:4Heaven
10/24/12WedPastor PaisleyStand for Righteousness' SakePsa 119:126-127Government
10/21/12Sun AMPastor Ken GriffinThe Device of Doubt2 Cor 2:10-11Faith
10/21/12Sun PMPastor PaisleyThe Power of HumilityJames 4:6Spiritual Gifts
10/17/12WedMissionary Caleb BensonThe HarvestMatt 9:36 - 38Christian Living
10/14/12Sun AMPastor Bruce EngelmanThere's No Business Like God's BusinessRom 12:10,11Christian Living
10/14/12Sun PMPastor Bruce EngelmanThe Attributes of God1 Cor 13:1 - 13Christian Living
10/10/12WedPastor John PaisleyThe ValleyPsa 143:1-12Trials
10/7/12Sun AMPastor Ken GriffinAs it was so Shall it be.Matt 24:37 End Times
10/7/12Sun PMPastor Ken GriffinPursue1 Sam 30:1 - 24Christian Living
10/3/12WedPastor GriffinNine Ways We ProsperPsa 1:1-5Christian Living
9/30/12Sun AMPastor Ken GriffinThe Clock of the ChurchRev 3:14 - 4 : 2End Times
9/30/12Sun PMMissionary Ross PyleThe Christian LifeEph 5:17 & 18Spiritual Health
9/26/12WedPastor John PaisleyThe Rebuilding of the TempleLuke 17:26 - 30End Times
9/23/12Sun AMPastor Ken GriffinChanged LivesMatt 5:33 - 46Christian Living
9/23/12Sun PMPastor John PaisleyGod's TimepieceMatt 24:32-34End Times
9/16/12Sun AMDr. Tom WallaceExperience GodGen 3:1 - 3Salvation
9/16/12Sun PMDr. Tom WallaceThe Fruit of the RighteousProv 11:30Soul Winning
9/12/12WedPastor GriffinMeditating on God's word Psa 1:1-5Christian Living
9/9/12Sun AMPastor GriffinWalk in the SpiritGal 5:16Holy Spirit
9/9/12Sun PMPastor GriffinNo CompromiseExo 10:8-10Christian Living
9/5/12WedPastor GriffinOur Prayer Life.Luke 22: 39 - Prayer
9/2/12Sun AMPastor GriffinDid God Make Man or Did Man Make God?Col 1:12-17DoctrinalTeenagers in Service
9/2/12Sun PMPastor PaisleyA Sermon on 6 LegsProv 6:6-8Serving GodLabor Day Weekend
8/29/12WedPastor PaisleySurity of God's word2 Pet 1:16 - 21Christian Living
8/26/12Sun AMPastor GriffinBe Filled WithThe Holy Spirit1 Cor 12:13Christian Living
8/26/12Sun PMPastor GriffinGossipJames 3:1 - 13Christian Living
8/22/12WedMarvin SmithThe Authority of the BelieverCol 1:12-22Spiritual WarfareSpiritual Warfare Conference
8/19/12Sun PMPastor PaisleyDiscretionProv 19:11Explaination
8/19/12Sun AMPastor GriffinThe Holy SpiritJohn 14:15-17Holy Spirit
8/15/12WedEvangelist Mark RogersPower Over Sin, Self and SpiritsHeb 13:5-6Christian LivingMark Rogers Singing
8/12/12Sun AMPastor GriffinNo Fun Being a Castaway1 Cor 9:27Serving God
8/12/12Sun PMPastor PaisleyFriend of Sinners.Matt 11:18 - 19Christian Living
8/8/12WedPastor PaisleyGet Back to BethelHeb 5:1-5Trusting God
8/5/12Sun AMPastor PaisleyWill Ye Also Go Away?John 6:67Christian Living
8/5/12Sun PMPastor PaisleyThe Lord's Supper1 Cor 11:24-25Explaination
8/5/12Sun PMPastor RoskellyCamp Testimonies1 Cor 11:24-25Testimonies
8/1/12WedPastor PaisleyAcceptable WordsProv 10:32Christian LivingSenior Camp Week
7/29/12Sun AMPastor GriffinThe Spirit Upon Me.Isa 61:1 - Christian Living
7/29/12Sun PMRicky TorresWhat Are You Looking For?John 1:38Christian LivingWith Dan Bardwell, Missionary to Ukraine
7/25/12WedPastor PaisleyPattern of PrayerLuke 11:1 - 13Christian Living
7/22/12Sun AMPastor GriffinOur SaviorLuke 19:10Christian Living
7/22/12Sun PMPastor PaisleyConquering Satan's StrongholdsEph 4:26-27Spiritual Battles
7/18/12WedDr. Sam GippThe Two Most Dangerous Bible VersionsGen 35:4DoctrinalSpecial Meetings, KJV Bible
7/15/12Sun AMDr. Sam GippJesusMatt 1:21-25JesusSpecial Meetings, KJV Bible
7/15/12Sun PMDr. Sam GippHoner the King 1 Pet 2:17Christian Living
7/11/12WedMissionary Jim JungeMeasuring Your FaithRom 12:1-21Christian LivingMissionary to Ghana
7/8/12Sun AMPastor GriffinThe BlessingGen 27:41 - 46Relationships
7/8/12Sun PMPastor PaisleyDiscipleshipEph 2:12Discipleship
7/4/12WedBro Ed ReedLet Your Light ShineMatt 5:14 - 16Christian Living
7/1/12Sun AMPastor PaisleyLet No Man Despise Thy Youth1 Tim 4:11-13Christian Living
7/1/12Sun PMPastor GriffinCarry the Mantle2 Kings 2:7-15Serving GodKieth Garner Ordination
6/27/12WedMissionary Joe MerloAn Act of FaithActs 13:13Missions
6/24/12Sun AMPastor GriffinThe BlessingGen 27:32 - 38Christian Living
6/24/12Sun PMPastor PaisleyPractical PreceptsRom 7:14 - 25Christian Living
6/20/12WedPastor PaisleySpiritual Gifts continued Rom 12:1Spiritual Gifts
6/17/12Sun AMPastor GriffinBirthright and BlessingsGen 25:20 - 34Christian Living
6/17/12Sun PMPastor PaisleyGod's Design for DadPsa 112:1-10Family
6/10/12Sun AMPastor GriffinWalking in the SpiritGal 6:7-10Christian Living
6/10/12Sun PMPastor PaisleyTruth About Your Temple1 Cor 6:19-20Christian Living
6/6/12WedPastor PaisleySpiritual Gifts1 Cor 12:4Spiritual Gifts
6/3/12Sun AMPastor GriffinSowing and ReapingGal 6:7Christian Living
6/3/12Sun PMPastor PaisleyHow God can be real in are lifeLuke 5:4-8GraduationRBCS 2012 Graduation
5/30/12WedBro Dave Smith GSBCPray for the inner manEph 3:14 - 21Prayer
5/27/12Sun AMBro. Gil AngerWhere is the creativityActs 1:8Missions
5/27/12Sun PMPastor GriffinWe must go thru LemeryJohn 4:1 -32Christian Living
5/23/12WedBro. Gil AngerCome to Church to Work1 Cor 12:7;11;18Spiritual Gifts
5/20/12Sun AMPastor PaisleyThat I may know HIm! Phil 3:4 - 10Christian Living
5/20/12Sun PMPastor Jesse ChouinardBalance in the MinistryActs 11:19-24GraduationRBBI Graduation Challenge
5/16/12WedMissionary Sam MossDelight in the LordPsa 37:4Serving GodMissionary to Uganda
5/13/12Sun AMPastor GriffinMothers in law influenceRuth 1:11-22Christian Living
5/13/12Sun PMPastor PaisleyA Mothers love for her Children1 Kings 3:6 - 27Christian Living
5/9/12WedPastor PaisleyKnowing Spiritual gifts1 Cor 12:1 & 4Spiritual Gifts
5/6/12Sun AMPastor PaisleyThe Practicality of ProverbsProv 3:13 - 16Christian Living
5/6/12Sun PMPastor GriffinExamining OurselvesJosh 4:5:9Doctrinal
5/2/12WedBro. Gil AngerThink Outside the BoxLuke 5:1-5Serving God
4/29/12Sun PMGil AngerGive,Give,GiveMatt 25:14Missions
4/29/12Sun AMBro. Gil AngerUsing Your GiftsEph 4:11-12MissionsMissions Conference
4/26/12ThuBro. Gil AngerImagineMark 3:14Missions
4/22/12Sun AMPastor GriffinMinistry of Reconciliation2 Cor 5:17Evangelism
4/22/12Sun PMPastor PaisleyAnd Cornelius waited for themActs 10:23-24Missions
4/18/12WedPastor PaisleyGlorifying GodJohn 15:8Greatness of God
4/15/12Sun PMDr. Dennis CorleSufficient unto the dayMatt 6:34Christian Living
4/15/12Sun AMDr. Dennis CorleChoices for EternityLuke 16:22-28Salvation
4/11/12WedDr. Jim KennardThe Mission of the ChurchActs 1:8Missions
4/8/12Sun AMPastor GriffinEvidence of the RessurectionMatt 28:6-7Resurrection
4/8/12Sun PMPastor PaisleyInstruction from resurectionMatt 28:6-7Christian Living
4/4/12WedPastor PaisleyTruely this man was the Son of GodMark 15:39Jesus
4/1/12Sun AMPastor PaisleyThe Rejected KingJohn 19:6Resurrection
4/1/12Sun PMPastor PaisleyBiblical ProphecyJohn 18:37God Promises
3/28/12WedMissionary Bruno BourgeoisWhat Missionaries Need MostLuke 11:1MissionsMissionary to Quebec
3/25/12Sun AMBen BurksBrokenPsa 51:1-19Christian Living
3/25/12Sun PMBen BurksBroken right,Holy, Free,SpiritPsa 51:10-19Spiritual Battles
3/21/12WedBro. Paul KingsburyAs God ForgivesCol 3:13Christian LivingRU Northwest Conference
3/18/12Sun PMPastor PaisleyHow to have a pure conscienceActs 23:1Spiritual Health
3/18/12Sun AMPastor GriffinSecond Coming of Christ1 Cor 15:51End Times
3/14/12WedPaul Vantray (Burma)Spreading God's WordRom 1:14-16Serving God
3/11/12Sun AMPastor GriffinThe Second Coming.1 Thes 4:13-18Salvation
3/11/12Sun PMPastor PaisleyDeparture2 Tim 4:6Resurrection
3/7/12WedPastor Paisley8 Helpful Happenings When You Study God's Word2 Tim 2:15Spiritual Health
3/4/12Sun AMBro. Tony HutsonWhy I Serve GodJosh 24:15Serving God
3/4/12Sun PMBro. Tony HutsonA Whole Sacrifice1 Kings 18:25Christian Living
2/29/12WedPastor PaisleyBenefitsPsa 103:2Christian Living
2/26/12Sun AMPastor PaisleyOne Thing I KnowJohn 9:25Christian Living
2/26/12Sun PMPastor PaisleyBenifits of blessing on the blessedPsa 103:1-2Christian Living
2/22/12WedEvangelist Mark RogersLazarus is Dead and I Am GladJohn 11:1-15Faith
2/20/12MonEvangelist Mark RogersEvery Path has a DestinationJames 1:12-15Spiritual Battles
2/19/12Sun AMEvangelist Mark RogersDo You Know Your Saved?John 12:1Christian Living
2/19/12Sun PMEvangelist Mark RogersSacrifices God Rejects1 Sam 16:1-7God's Will
2/15/12WedMissionary James KimThe Unsung HerosActs 3:1Serving God
2/12/12Sun AMPastor GriffinThe Zero Factor1 Cor 13:1 - 3Love
2/12/12Sun PMPastor PaisleySpanish MissionsMar 15:16MissionsSpanish Missions Night
2/8/12WedBro. Milton HickeyWhy Scripture on the WallDeut 11:18-19DoctrinalScripture on the Wall
2/5/12Sun AMPastor GriffinSlippery PlacesPsa 73:1-28Christian Living
2/5/12Sun PMPastor PaisleyThe Love Of GodEph 3:16 - 21Love
2/1/12WedPastor PaisleyWhat does God Think of UsJer 29:11God Promises
1/29/12Sun AMPastor GriffinHandwriting on the WallDan 5:25Christian Living
1/29/12Sun PMPastor PaisleymissionsMatt :36Missions
1/25/12WedPastor PaisleyNothing is impossible for GodJer 32:17 Christian Living
1/22/12Sun AMPastor GriffinHow to Impress GodLuke 18:9-14Christian Living
1/22/12Sun PMPastor PaisleyIt's a battlefield1 Tim 1:18-20Christian Living
1/18/12WedEmanuel YarbroughPrayer and MissionsMatt 6:9-10Prayer
1/15/12Sun PMPastor PaisleyShake Off the SnakeActs 28:1-6Christian LivingThings That Kill Ministries
1/15/12Sun AMPastor GriffinTen Times BetterDan 1:8Christian Living
1/11/12WedPastor GriffinthinkingPhil 4:13Christian Living
1/8/12Sun AMPastor GriffinHellJohn 3:15 -18Hell
1/8/12Sun PMMissionary Gardner GentryDon't forget others.2 Sam 9:1-9Christian Living
1/4/12WedPastor GriffinStinkin Thinkin'Prov 23:7Christian Living
1/1/12Sun AMPastor PaisleyCome, See, Go, Tell Matt 28:1-7Christian Living
1/1/12Sun PMPastor GriffinReward of the FaithfulDan 3:1 - 30Christian Living
12/28/11WedPastor PaisleyAbraham the PhlegmaticProv 14:14Christian LivingSpirit Controlled Temperament - Phlegmatic - Conclusion
12/25/11Sun AMPastor GriffinEmmanuelMatt 1:23Jesus
12/25/11Sun PMPastor PaisleyWise Men Still Seek HimMatt 2:1-12God's Will
12/21/11WedEvangelist Mark RogersThe God of JonahJonah 1:1Greatness of God
12/18/11Sun AMPastor GriffinIt Blew Her Away1 Kings 10:1-5 Christian Living
12/18/11Sun PMMsnry Keith StensaasWhat is so valuable about a soul?Mark 8:36-37Missions
12/14/11WedPastor PaisleyThe Melancholy TempermentExo 3:18Christian LivingTemperment Study-Melancholy
12/11/11Sun AMMissionary Scotty DrakeHe Gave His LifeJohn 10:11-18Christian LivingDirector of HELP Ministries
12/11/11Sun PMMissionary Scotty DrakeWhy We Send and GoJohn 20:21Missions
12/7/11WedPastor PaisleyTemperament Study: CholericGal 5:16RelationshipsTemperament Study Series
12/4/11Sun AMPastor GriffinSacrificing Your FutureHeb 11:23 - 27Christian Living
12/4/11Sun PMPastor PaisleyHow to Forgive YourselfHeb 12:5-15Christian Living
11/30/11WedMissionary Paul HudsonBlessed are the persecutedMatt 5:10-12Christian Living
11/27/11Sun AMPastor GriffinRemain BlessableGen 37:1-5Christian Living
11/27/11Sun PMPastor PaisleyDealing With RejectionEph 1:6God Promises
11/23/11WedDr. Bob VallierTrue WealthLuke 16:1-9Coveteousness
11/20/11Sun AMPastor GriffinThe Great SupperLuke 14:16Salvation
11/20/11Sun PMPastor GriffinBe Thankful For All God Has GivenPsa 100:1-5Spiritual Health
11/16/11WedPastor Paisley Gal 5:22
11/13/11Sun AMDr. Donald ChittyMore Than LeavesMark 11:12 - 26Christian Living
11/13/11Sun PMDr. Donald ChittyFall not out by the wayGen 45:17-28Christian Living
11/9/11WedDr. Donald ChittyWhy Did She Leave the Waterpot?John 4:28Serving God
11/6/11Sun AMPastor PaisleyRemember Now Thy Creator !Eccl 12:1- 7Christian Living
11/6/11Sun PMHELP Ministries Acts 17:16-17Missions
11/2/11WedPastor PaisleySpirit-Controlled TemperamentPsa 139:14-18Christian LivingTemperament Study - Introduction
10/30/11Sun AMPastor GriffinAre Demons Real?1 Pet 5:8Christian Living
10/30/11Sun PMPastor PaisleyThe Fear of GodProv 1:5,7Christian Living
10/23/11Sun AMPastor GriffinSure Foundation0 0:Christian Living
10/23/11Sun PMPastor PaisleyPeace Be Unto YouJohn 20:19-26Comfort
10/16/11Sun AMPastor GriffinA Strong FoundationLuke 6:47-49Christian Living
10/16/11Sun PMPastor PaisleyGod's Number of CompletionGen 2:1-3End Times
10/12/11WedMissionary Mark MiskovicGod has a needLuke 19:28-31Christian Living
10/9/11Sun AMPastor GriffinNever Follow Your FeelingsProv 14:12-14Christian Living
10/9/11Sun PMPastor PaisleyThe old path Jer 6:5-16Christian Living
10/5/11WedPastor PaisleyDont ever give up on GodJob 1:1-Christian Living
9/28/11WedPastor ParkWhy Are We WeepingJohn 11:35-38Christian LivingMissionary to Japan
9/25/11Sun AMPastor PaisleyThe power of Persistent PrayerLuke 18:1-8Christian Living
9/25/11Sun PMPastor PaisleyThe Invitation of CompletionRev 22:20God Promises
9/21/11WedPastor PaisleyEat at MY tableLuke 24:Christian Living
9/18/11Sun AMPastor GriffinAre you a professer or a possesser?Matt 7:21-23Salvation
9/14/11WedMissionary Alex JamesBear the MarkExo 21:1-6Soul Winning
9/7/11WedPastor PaisleySalvation is GreatHeb 2:1-4Salvation
9/4/11Sun AMPastor GriffinGood WorkNeh 4:18-20Christian Living
9/4/11Sun PMPastor Alex MonozBe Ye Stedfast 1 Cor 15:58Christian Living
8/31/11WedPastor GriffinDisappoinmentLam 3:35-44Christian Living
8/28/11Sun AMPastor GriffinCovet or ContentmentExo 20:17Christian Living
8/24/11WedPastor Paisley Psa 88:Christian Living
8/21/11Sun PMKirby Campbell/Dan GarlickRejoice in PainPhil 1:20-21Christian Living
8/17/11WedMissionary Ernestino Tanja Psa 7:17-19Missions
8/14/11Sun AMPastor GriffinThankfullnessLuke 17:11-19Christian Living
8/7/11Sun AMPastor GriffinEvery Good PathProv 2:9Christian Living
8/7/11Sun PMBro. Dan Kealey WCBCHave you mislayed God's bleesings?Acts 8:26-35Christian Living
8/3/11WedPastor PaisleySlow to WrathJames 1:19-21Anger
7/31/11Sun AMBro. Bill PattersonThe heart of a missions minded churchActs 14:26 - 15:3Christian Living
7/31/11Sun PMBro. Bill Patterson3 aspects of the missionary field1 Thes 2:13-20Graduation
7/27/11WedPastor Paisleytheres nothing to hard for GodEph 3:20Christian Living
7/24/11Sun PMPastor PaisleyProsperityMatt 24:32-44Christian Living
7/17/11Sun PMPastor PaisleyBeing a Light for God1 Tim 4:12Christian LivingCamp Testimonies
7/13/11WedPastor PaisleyConversionJohn 8:31Christian Living
7/6/11WedMissionary John AllenWhat Makes a Missionary TickRom 5:8Missions
7/3/11Sun PMDr. Pete CowlingGet the Serum ThroughRom 6:16Patriotic
6/29/11WedPastor GriffinChristian SchoolEccl 4:12- 13Christian Living
6/26/11Sun PMPastor GriffinBeing 5 star ChristianNeh 1:3-6Christian Living
6/22/11WedPastor GriffinTransformed or Deformed2 Cor 3:18Christian Living
6/19/11Sun PMPastor PaisleyOur Wonderful FatherMatt 11:7-11Relationships
6/15/11WedPastor PaisleyGrace in SpeakingMatt 12:33-37Christian Living
6/12/11Sun AMPastor GriffinThe Blood.Heb 9:12Christian Living
6/5/11Sun AMPastor GriffinWalking CircumspectlyEph 5:15Christian Living
6/5/11Sun PMPastor PaisleyDon't Fail to Carry the LightGal 2:20Graduation
6/1/11WedMissionary John GrayThe Shepards ProvisionJohn 10:1-5Christian Living
5/29/11Sun AMPastor GriffinFlee Temptation1 Tim 6:11-14Christian Living
5/29/11Sun PMBro. Gil AngerThe 10 Commandments of the Preacher1 Tim 3:1-7PreachersRBBI Awards Ceremony 2011
5/22/11Sun AMGil AngerYour mind is not focused on God.John 4:34Family
5/18/11WedBro. Gil AngorHow to be a good sender1 Sam 30:21-25Missions
5/15/11Sun AMPastor GriffinNice Church?Acts 13:1-3Christian Living
5/11/11WedPastor PaisleyHow to become a little poor for Jesus0 0:Christian Living
5/8/11Sun AMPastor GriffinMomma Mia2 Tim 1:1-7Family
5/4/11WedPastor PaisleyMotivation2 Cor 5:10-21Missions
5/1/11Sun PMDr Don Siskprinciples,purposing, provision2 Cor 9:6-8Missions
4/28/11ThuDr Don SiskIt is more blessed to give then to receiveActs 20:35Christian Living
4/27/11WedDr Don SiskOpen DoorsLuke 5:1-6Missions
4/20/11WedDr. Jim KennardUse what you Have1 Cor 10:31Faith
4/17/11Sun AMDr. Dennis CorlePerishing ExpectationsProv 11:7SalvationCountry Fair Sunday
4/17/11Sun PMDr. Dennis Corle Prov 11:30Soul Winning
4/13/11WedPastor PaisleyHEAVENJohn 14:1-7Christian Living
4/10/11Sun AMPastor GriffinRecognize Gods Guidance in you life.Gen 24:1-5Christian Living
4/10/11Sun PMPastor PaisleyReasons to STOPProv 1:7-15Christian Living
4/6/11WedHELP Ministries John 12:3-9Christian Living
4/3/11Sun AMPastor GriffinObedienceGen 22:1-13Christian Living
3/30/11WedPastor GriffinGo the 2ed mileMatt 5:38Christian Living
3/27/11Sun AMPastor GriffinCrossing God's DeadlineProv 29:1Christian Living
3/20/11Sun AMPastor GriffinWhat a Difference a Tree makes.Exo 15:22Christian Living
3/16/11WedPastor Paisley5 Precious Things2 Pet 1:1-4Spiritual Health
3/13/11Sun AMPastor PaisleyTsunami is ComingMatt 24:32-42End Times
3/13/11Sun PMPastor Paisley Prov 3:5,6 Christian Living
3/6/11Sun AMPastor PaisleyAre you dressed for the Wedding?Matt 22:1-14Christian Living
3/6/11Sun PMPastor PaisleySuffient Grace2 Cor 12:4 - 9Christian Living
3/2/11WedPastor PaisleyHow to memorize ScriptureProv 2:1-5Christian Living
2/27/11Sun AMPastor GriffinTherewith to be content.Phil 4:10-23Christian Living
2/20/11Sun AMPastor Griffineat at my table.2 Sam 9:1:13Christian Living
2/20/11Sun PMDr John GoetschGod changes NOT!Exo 5:1-3Christian Living
2/16/11WedPastor PaisleyProducts of Prayer1 Jn 5:11-13Prayer
2/13/11Sun AMPastor PaisleyThe Rapture1 Cor 15:51-53End TimesValentines Sunday
2/13/11Sun PMPastor PaisleySigns of the TimesDan 8:23-27End Times
2/9/11WedPastor PaisleyPower of PrayerJer 33:3-4Christian Living
2/6/11Sun PMPastor PaisleyIs It Going To Burn?2 Cor 4:3-18Christian Living
2/2/11WedPastor PaisleyPersistancy1 Thes 5:16-184Christian Living
1/30/11Sun PMPastor PaisleyGo on what He said.2 Pet 2:4-5Christian Living
1/26/11WedPastor PaisleycommunicationPhil 4:6-7Christian Living
1/23/11Sun AMPastor GriffinNature of Love.1 Cor 13:4-6Christian Living
1/23/11Sun PMBro Clayton McCurdyThree Battle in our LivesJosh 15:13-19Spiritual BattlesMissionary to Moldova
1/16/11Sun AMPastor GriffinAll Things1 Cor 13:7Love
1/16/11Sun PMPastor PaisleyKeep On Looking UpTitus 2:13Christian Living
1/12/11WedPastor PaisleyPower of Prayer1 Thes 5:14-24Prayer
1/9/11Sun AMPastor Tom LemmonsFar BetterPhil 1:23Heaven
1/2/11Sun AMPastor Griffin Heb 13:20Christian Living
12/29/10WedPastor PaisleyGod's HumilityPhil 2:5-11Greatness of God
12/26/10Sun AMPastor GriffinEternity John 3:14Christian Living
12/26/10Sun PMPastor Paisley Heb 12:1-4Christian Living
12/22/10WedPastor PaisleyThey opened their treasures unto HimMatt 2:1-11,06:21Comfort
12/19/10Sun AMPastor GriffinIts all about JesusHeb 2:5-10Christian Living
12/19/10Sun PMPastor PaisleyGraceLuke 1:39Christian Living
12/15/10WedEvangelist Mark RogersThe God who answers by fire1 Kings 18:17-24Christian Living
12/12/10Sun AMPastor GriffinRunning Ahead of GodJonah 4:1-11Christian LivingConclusion of Jonah Series
12/8/10WedPastor PaisleyThe most expensive giftedRev 13:8Christian Living
11/28/10Sun AMPastor GriffinAnemic ChristiansJonah 3:1-10Christian Living
11/28/10Sun PMPastor PaisleyPreparing for Spiritual WarfareEph 6:10-12Spiritual Battles
11/21/10Sun AMPastor GriffinJourney Away From GodJonah 1:1-5Christian Living
11/14/10Sun AMPastor GriffinSacrificeMatt 26:36-44Spiritual BattlesVeterans Day Service
11/10/10WedSam YantIsrael and MissionisRev 7:1-14;14:1End TimesPresentation about Israel and message on the 144,000
11/7/10Sun AMPastor GriffinThe word ALLMatt 22:32-40Christian Living
11/7/10Sun PMPastor PaisleyYe Have Done It Unto MeMatt 25:34-45Christian LivingPrison Ministry
10/31/10Sun AMPastor GriffinThe 5 stones of battle. 1 Sam 17:1Christian Living
10/31/10Sun PMPastor PaisleyBecominng what you already are2 Cor 5:14 - 20Christian Living
10/27/10WedPastor PaisleySending PortionsNeh 8:1-10Discipleship
10/24/10Sun AMPastor GriffinThree I AMRom 1:1-16EvangelismMissionary paul Van Hre to Burma
10/24/10Sun PMHELP MinistriesMinistry, Disobeying God2 Cor 4:1-2Christian LivingJonah
10/20/10WedPastor PaisleyTribulationMatt 24:Christian Living
10/17/10Sun AMPastor GriffinLying VanitiesJonah 1:1-17;2:1,8Christian Living
10/17/10Sun PMPastor PaisleyThe Goodness of GodPsa 107:8 & 9,15,16,21,22,31Christian Living
10/10/10Sun AMPastor GriffinThe Old PathsJer 6:10-17Christian Living
10/10/10Sun PMPastor PaisleyNew Carts2 Sam 6:1-7Christian LivingOld Fashion Sunday Evening
10/3/10Sun AMPastor PaisleyGod's Plan for Our LivesHeb 10:12-25Christian Living
9/29/10WedPastor PaisleyDangerous Days2 Tim 3:1Christian Living
9/26/10Sun AMPastor GriffinFollowing God's WillJames 4:11-17Christian Living
9/26/10Sun PMPastor PaisleyThe Greatest Words Ever SpokenJohn 19:30Salvation
9/19/10Sun AMPastor Griffinbe ye also ready:Matt 24:32-44Christian Living
9/19/10Sun PMPastor PaisleyThe Power of PrayerActs 8:28Christian Living
9/12/10Sun PMPastor PaisleyMemoriesPhil 1:2-3Christian Living
9/8/10WedPastor PaisleyTolah and JairJude 1:10:1-4Christian Living
9/5/10Sun AMPastor GriffinTeamwork Makes the Dream WorkJude 0:7:1-25Christian Living
9/5/10Sun PMPastor PaisleyThe burden of backslidingProv 14:14Christian Living
9/1/10WedPastor PaisleyS-T-O-PProv 1:10,15Christian Living
8/29/10Sun PMBro. Bill PattersonStewards of God's Grace1 Pet 4:7-11Christian Living
8/25/10WedMissionary Chad WellsFor the Lord hath Spoken GoodNum 10:29Christian LivingMissionary to Papua New Guinea
8/18/10WedPastor PaisleyGod is greater than our hearts1 Jn 3:18 - 24Christian Living
8/15/10Sun AMEvangelist Dan HawtreeABC's of the Christian LifeActs 2:41Doctrinal
8/15/10Sun PMEvangelist Dan HawtreeHave faith in God's HelpMatt 14:22-36Christian Living
8/11/10WedEvangelist Dan HawtreeRise to the next levelJames 5:16-18Christian Living
8/8/10Sun PMPastor PaisleyCompassion For ChildrenMatt 18:1-14Christian Living
8/4/10WedPastor PaisleyWhat Manner of Man is ThisMark 4:35-41JesusJunior Camp Week
8/1/10Sun AMPastor Griffin7 Reasons to Rejoice1 Cor 2:9Christian Living
8/1/10Sun PMPastor PaisleyREVIVAL2 Chron 7:12-15Christian Living
7/25/10Sun AMPastor GriffinDavids Repentance to Great sin.2 Sam 12:1-14Christian Living
7/25/10Sun PMPastor PaisleySubmit to GODJames 4:6 -8Christian Living
7/21/10WedMissionary Gregg SchoofDon't lower your preaching standardsJonah 1:1-2Christian LivingMissionary to Rwanda
7/18/10Sun AMPastor GriffinNeither Give Place to the Devil Pt. 1Eph 4:27Spiritual Battles
7/14/10WedEd RussKeep a new song in your heartPsa 40:3Christian Living
7/11/10Sun AMPastor GriffinAmazing Grace in the Old Testament2 Sam 9:1-13Grace
7/11/10Sun PMPastor PaisleyIt's His HarvestMatt 9:35-37Soul Winning
7/7/10WedPastor Paisley 0 0:Christian Living
7/4/10Sun AMPastor GriffinHope In GodPsa 33:12-22Patriotic
7/4/10Sun PMPastor Griffin The Value of Virtue2 Pet 1:5Christian Living
6/30/10WedPastor PaisleyWhat is a Christian0 0:Christian Living
6/27/10Sun AMPastor GriffinTimid/Powerfull LivingPhil 2:4-12Christian Living
6/20/10Sun AMPastor GriffinGods favorite listLuke 2:49-52Christian Living
6/13/10Sun AMPastor PaisleyWhat convinced the centurion?Luke 23:32 - 47 Christian Living
6/9/10WedBro. David CruzKnowing and Understanding True FriendshipProv 27:6-10, 13Christian LivingMissionary Church Planter
6/6/10Sun AMPastor GriffinI'll Fly AwayPsa 55:1-6End Times
5/30/10Sun AMPastor GriffinA Soldier Who Makes a Difference2 Tim 2:1-4,22Christian Living
5/30/10Sun PMPastor PaisleyA Memorial in a Meal1 Cor 11:23-26Doctrinal
5/26/10WedPastor PaisleyAre We An Answer to the Savior's Prayers?Heb 7:25Prayer
5/23/10Sun AMGil AngerSpare NotIsa 54:2-3Christian Living
5/19/10WedPastor RobsonYou get what you want.Psa 78:2-4Christian Living
5/16/10Sun AMPastor PaisleySigns of theTimesMatt 16:1-5End Times
5/16/10Sun PMPastor PaisleyThe Marks of a Successful Preacher2 Tim 4:1-8Christian LivingRBBI Graduation
5/12/10WedMsnry Mark GarrisonOvercoming ImpossibilitiesLuke 1:37Missions
5/9/10Sun PMPastor PaisleyBehold Thy MotherJohn 19:25-30SeasonalMother's Day
5/5/10WedPastor PaisleyWhat is the fear of the LordPsa 119:120-126Christian Living
5/2/10Sun AMDr. Mike PattersonFaith Promise Missions2 Cor 9:6-MissionsMissions Conference 2010
4/30/10FriFruit Abounding to your account 0 0:Missions
4/29/10ThuDr. Mike PattersonPrinciples of Faith Promise giving2 Cor 8:1-6Missions
4/25/10Sun PMDr. Tom SextonThree sources of life1 Jn 1:5-7Christian Living
4/21/10WedPastor PaisleyGod's CommissionMatt 28:18-20Missions
4/18/10Sun PMDr. Dennis CorleThe Lord Hath His Way in the StormNah 1:3Faith
4/14/10WedDr. Jim KennardKeeping the Lower Lights of Missions BurningPsa 119:105Missions5 Ways to Help Missions
4/11/10Sun AMPastor GriffinZacchaeus meets Jessus.Luke 19:1-10Salvation
4/11/10Sun PMPastor PaisleyA Changed LifeMark 5:1-15Greatness of God
4/7/10WedPastor PaisleyThe Sowing SaintPsa 126:1-6Christian Living
4/4/10Sun AMPastor GriffinThe Wonderful OneIsa 9:6 Resurrection
4/4/10Sun PMPastor PaisleyProofs of the Ressurection1 Cor 15:1-20Christian Living
3/31/10WedBro Dana Vogelpohl8 Things Jesus Left BehindEph 4:8Christian LivingMissionary to Scotland
3/28/10Sun AMPastor GriffinWhat is the value 1?Luke 15:1-10Salvation
3/28/10Sun PMPastor PaisleyPlug into the power of GodActs 4:31-33Christian Living
3/24/10WedPastor PaisleyA strong ropeEccl 4:9-12Christian Living
3/21/10Sun AMPastor GriffinOur Enemy part 11 Pet 5:8The Enemy
3/21/10Sun PMPastor PaisleyTurn your heart back to your FatherMal 4:5&6Christian Living
3/14/10Sun AMPastor GriffinFive Hidng Kings to SlayJosh 10:1-27Christian Living
3/14/10Sun PMPastor GriffinWalking Close to the EdgeNum 22:5-9Christian Living
3/10/10WedPastor GriffinWatch Out for the GibeonitesJosh 9:1-27Christian Living
3/7/10Sun PMPastor PaisleyTaking Care of God's TemplePsa 84:1-4Christian Living
3/3/10WedBro Jonathon Hernandez Psa 78:10 - 41MissionsMissionary to Brazil
2/28/10Sun AMPastor GriffinAvoiding CoveteousnessJosh 7:19-25Coveteousness
2/24/10Sun AMPastor GriffinWhy God Wants Us To PrayLuke 22:39-46Prayer
2/24/10WedPastor PaisleyThe True GodIsa 6:1-8Greatness of God
2/21/10Sun AMPastor GriffinWhen is sin finished?Josh 6:18 - 7:7-25Christian LivingJames 1:14
2/21/10Sun PMPastor PaisleyA Roadmap for RevivalIsa 40:4-5Revival
2/17/10WedPastor PaisleyWhat God Thinks of UsTitus 3:1-8Comfort
2/16/10Sun AMDavid GibbsLove Not The WorldJohn 3:16Christian Living
2/14/10Sun PMDr. David GibbsHow to Prosper for GodPsa 1:1-6God Promises
2/10/10WedPastor PaisleyThere is More to FollowTitus 2:Christian Living
2/7/10Sun AMDr Don SiskSeek Ye First - God Will ProvideMatt 6:19-34Trusting God
2/3/10WedBro. TJ TilleyJesus has a purposeMatt 16:15 - 23Missions
1/31/10Sun AMPastor PaisleyWhat're you lookin' at?2 Cor 4:8-18Christian Living
1/31/10Sun PMPastor PaisleyA Cheerful Giver2 Cor 9:6-7Christian Living
1/27/10WedPastor GriffinThe Ministry of Reconciliation2 Cor 5:17-18Soul Winning
1/24/10Sun PMPastor GriffinMaking Much of this MinistryEph 4:7-13Christian Living
1/20/10WedPastor PaisleyAt thy word, I willLuke 5:1-11Christian Living
1/17/10Sun AMPastor GriffinSeven voices around the crossMatt 27:33Christian Living
1/17/10Sun PMPastor PaisleyAs Little ChildrenMatt 18:1-3Christian LivingBus Awards
1/10/10Sun PMPastor PaisleyThe Enemies of Revival2 Chron 7:14Revival
1/8/10Sun AMPastor GriffinAman got more then he asked for.Acts 3:1:11Christian Living
1/6/10WedPastor PaisleyHow To Recognize Revival2 Kings 22:1Revival
12/30/09WedPastor Paisley Psa 85:1-10Revival
12/27/09Sun AMPastor GriffinTake Hold of GodIsa 64:1-12Christian LivingSunday after Christmas
12/23/09WedPastor PaisleyWhat's In a NameMatt 1:21-25SeasonalWednesday before Christmas
12/20/09Sun AMPastor GriffinMiracles in the Birth of ChristJohn 1:1-14Doctrinal
12/20/09Sun PMPastor PaisleyTruths of ChristmasLuke 1:34-41SeasonalSunday Before Christmas
12/13/09Sun AMPastor GriffinGrowing In GraceCol 1:9Jesus
12/13/09Sun PMPastor PaisleyMotive For The Praise Of The Lamb0 0:Christian Living
12/9/09WedPastor PaisleyA White Christmas or a Right ChristmasJohn 1:1-5Seasonal
12/6/09Sun AMPastor PaisleyTrue reason for the season.Luke 2:6:20Seasonal
12/6/09Sun PMPastor PaisleyWhen God Chooses a HomeMatt 1:18-25Family
12/2/09WedPastor PaisleyWhy Jesus CameJohn 10:10Jesus
11/29/09Sun AMPastor PaisleyThe Lord's PrayerJohn 17:11-21Jesus
11/25/09WedPastor PaisleyThe Will of God1 Thes 5:18SeasonalThanksgiving Service
11/22/09Sun AMPastor GriffinChoices and Consequences2 Kings 20:14-19Christian LivingSunday before Thanksgiving
11/18/09WedBro Jim Hirtzel3 Things to do God's WillHeb 10:20-25God's Will
11/15/09Sun AMPastor GriffinParable of the Fig TreeMatt 24:32-42End Times
11/15/09Sun PMBro. Floyd StevensThe Grace of GodLuke 10:30-34GraceRock of Ages
11/11/09WedPastor PaisleySpritual WrestlingEph 6:12-13Christian Living
11/8/09Sun AMPastor GriffinListen to the Old Men2 Chron 10:1-13Christian Living
11/8/09Sun PMPastor PaisleyA Good Soldier2 Tim 2:1-4Patriotic
11/4/09WedPastor PaisleyChoicesMark 6:32Christian Living
11/1/09Sun AMBro. Jeffrey BeloisGod's Perfect Timing1 Pet 5:6Christian LivingHELP Ministries Philippino Missionary
11/1/09Sun PMPastor PaisleyPrayers That Help MissionariesActs 12:5-10Prayer
10/28/09WedPastor PaisleyBlessingsMatt 5:6Christian Living
10/25/09Sun AMPastor GriffinHeaven0 0:Heaven
10/18/09Sun AMPastor GriffinHell !Rev 20:11:15Salvation
10/18/09Sun PMPastor PaisleyGracious Heavenly FatherLuke 24:42-46Greatness of God
10/11/09Sun AMPastor GriffinNoah walked with God.Gen 6:5-Christian LivingOld Fashion Day
10/11/09Sun PMPastor PaisleyAsk for the Old PathsJer 6:16Christian LivingOld Fashion Day
10/4/09Sun PMEvangelist Dan HawtreeThe Good SamaritanLuke 10:30Christian LivingSharathon Sunday
9/30/09WedPastor PaisleyPowerful Principles for Powerful Practice1 Cor 6:12Doctrinal
9/27/09Sun AMPastor PaisleyThe Secret Society of the SatisfiedPhil 4:6-13Christian Living
9/27/09Sun PMPastor PaisleyThe Power and the Place of PrayerLuke 18:Prayer
9/23/09WedPastor PaisleySecurity of the BelieverJude 1:1Christian Living
9/20/09Sun AMPastor GriffinGODl oves youJohn 3:16Salvation
9/20/09Sun PMPastor PaisleyChildrenMatt 18:1-14Christian LivingParent's Appreciation Day
9/13/09Sun AMPastor GriffinBe Steadfast1 Cor 15:51Serving God46th Anniversary
9/13/09Sun PMPastor PaisleyAnniversary Message0 0:Christian Living
9/9/09WedBro. Brad WellsDo You Have Strength to StandActs 4:13Christian LivingMissionary to Papua New Guinea
8/30/09Sun AMPastor GriffinWilt Thou Go with this ManGenesis 24:50-67Salvation   
8/30/09Sun PMPastor GriffinGod's Stimulus PlanIsaiah 40:28-31Christian Living   
8/23/09Sun AMPastor GriffinIfGenesis 24:1-6Faith   
8/23/09Sun PMPastor PaisleyLittle1 Cor 5:5-7Christian Living   
8/16/09Sun AMPastor GriffinIf the woman will not follow theeGen 24:1-20Marriage
8/16/09Sun PMPastor PaisleyThepitfalls of not following the Lord1 Kings 10:1-9Christian Living
8/12/09WedPastor GriffinRestore OthersGal 6:1-5Restoration
8/9/09Sun AMPastor GriffinWounders of the Blood.1 Pet 1:18-19Salvation
8/9/09Sun PMPastor PaisleySet Your Affection on Things AboveCol 3:2Christian LivingSunday After Jr Camp
8/5/09WedJason Tate3 Things concerning Missions2 Pet 3:9Missions
8/2/09Sun AMPastor GriffinThe Precious Blood1 Pet 1:18-19Doctrinal
7/26/09Sun AMPastor Griffin The Blood Part II1 Pet 1:18-19Christian Living
7/26/09Sun PMPastor PaisleyBattle for the MindPsa 119:57-59Spiritual Battles
7/24/09FriPastor GriffinBitterness and PrideHeb 12:Christian Living
7/22/09WedPastor PaisleySecond ComingMatt 24:27-36Comfort
7/19/09Sun AMPastor GriffinThe blood of Jesus Christ1 Pet 1:18-21SalvationBible Study
7/5/09Sun AMPastor GriffinThe law of original intentPsa 11:1 - 7Christian LivingJuly 4th
7/1/09WedPastor PaisleyRightly dividing2 Tim 2:13-19Christian LivingJuly 4 Wednesday
6/28/09Sun AMPastor GriffinThey that sow in tears shall reap in joy.Psa 126:1-6Christian Living
6/24/09WedPastor PaisleyLaborers are NeededJohn 0:Missions
6/17/09WedPastor PaisleyHolding the GroundEph 4:26-27Spiritual Battles
6/14/09Sun AMPastor PaisleyA Greater than Solomon is HereMatt 12:38-42Salvation
6/14/09Sun PMPastor PaisleyYou Can Do It!Gal 2:20Christian Living
6/10/09WedPastor RobsonKeep Serving God2 Tim 2:2Serving GodOrdination of Jesse Chouinard
6/7/09Sun AMPastor GriffinRemember Where You Came FromPsa 40:1-4Christian Living
6/7/09Sun PMPastor PaisleyA Message In A Meal1 Cor 11:23-32Christian Living
6/3/09WedPastor PaisleyChoking the WordMatt 13:1-9; 18-23Christian LivingMark 4:1-9; 13-20
5/31/09Sun AMPastor GriffinWill Ye Also Go Away?John 6:22-69Salvation
5/31/09Sun PMPastor PaisleyYou Are Not Your Own1 Cor 6:19-20Christian Living
5/28/09WedAustin TaylorThere's No Place Like HomeJohn 14:1-3HeavenGSBC Tour Group
5/24/09Sun AMPastor Griffin Deut 6:1-15PatrioticMemorial Day
5/24/09Sun PMPastor PaisleyWhat Do We Owe Our FamilyProv 4:23FamilyRBBI Graduation Service
5/20/09WedPastor PaisleyHeavenJohn 14:1-6SalvationMemorial Service for Debbie Burkhead
5/20/09WedPastor PaisleyClearing the Clutter Out of the ClosetMatt 6:5-7Christian Living
5/17/09Sun AMPastor GriffinWe Need A RevivalPsa 1:1-6Christian Living
5/17/09Sun PMPastor PaisleyThe Blind Man Saw It AllJohn 4:29Evangelism
5/13/09WedPastor GriffinFinders, Weepers; Losers, KeepersMatt 10:39Christian LivingPastor's Surgery
5/10/09Sun AMPastor GriffinSomewhere In the Shadows - MotherLuke 2:16-20Mother's Day
5/10/09Sun PMPastor PaisleyThe Law of Thy MotherProv 6:20Family
5/6/09WedPastor PaisleyWhat the Lord Wants Us to BeMatt 5:13-16Government
5/3/09Sun AMDr. Mike PattersonWhen Jesus Fed the MultitudeMark 6:4Missions
5/3/09Sun PMBro. Gil AngorWhat Does "Perish" Mean?Prov 29:18Missions   
5/3/09Sun PMDr. Mike PattersonHave You Had a Vision of the Saviour?Mark 16:19-20Missions   
4/29/09WedDr. Mike PattersonI Have a Dream / The UN Message0 0:Missions
4/26/09Sun AMPastor GriffinFrom a Mission Field to a MissionaryActs 9:1-22Salvation
4/26/09Sun PMPastor PaisleyThe Great Commission or the Great OmmissionMatt 28:18-20Christian Living
4/22/09WedPastor PaisleyThe Simplicity of Soul WinningJohn 1:41Serving God
4/19/09Sun AMDr. Dennis CorleSalvation0 0:Salvation
4/19/09Sun PMDr. Dennis CorleThe Pieces of ArmorEph 6:10-18Spiritual Battles
4/15/09WedDr. Jim KennardThe Power of GodJude 1:3:13Faith
4/12/09Sun AMPastor GriffinHe is coming back!John 19:38-20:1-9Christian LivingEaster Sunday
4/12/09Sun PMPastor PaisleyBenefits of the ResurrectionRom 4:23-25Resurrection
4/8/09WedPastor PaisleyAnd They Crucified HimMatt 27:33-35SeasonalWednesday Before Easter
4/5/09Sun AMPastor GriffinThe Rest of His Life1 Pet 4:1-8Christian Living
4/5/09Sun PMPastor PaisleyThe Apostacy and the AdventJude 1:14-15Salvation
4/1/09WedBro. Brian ElamHave You Known My Jesus?John 12:20-32Christian LivingMissionary to Russia
3/29/09Sun AMBro. Keith GomezFaith on Trial1 Pet 1:1-8Faith
3/25/09WedPastor PaisleyExtravagant LoveJohn 12:1-8Christian Living
3/22/09Sun PMPastor PaisleyTestimoniesHeb 10:25Christian LivingPastors School Testimonies
3/22/09Sun AMPastor PaisleyReady or Not Here I Come0 0:Christian Living
3/18/09WedPastor RoskellyBeing ConvincedPhil 2:5-11Serving God
3/15/09Sun AMPastor GriffinAre you a wayward son?Luke 15:11-23Christian Living
3/15/09Sun PMPastor GriffinThe poutting son.Luke 15:23-30Christian Living
3/11/09WedPastor GriffinHow to PrayLuke 11:1Prayer
3/8/09Sun AMPastor GriffinA Way, THE Way, and HIS WayJohn 0:1-6Salvation
3/8/09Sun PMPastor PaisleyLean hard on the Lord.Psa 55:1-22Christian Living
3/4/09WedPastor PaisleyHow to Fortify Your MindProv 4:20-23Christian Living
3/1/09Sun AMPastor GriffinFailing ForwardLuke 22:31Restoration
3/1/09Sun PMPastor PaisleyAwfulness of AngerProv 15:1,18Anger
2/25/09WedPastor PaisleyPurposePsa 40:1-3Christian Living
2/22/09Sun AMPastor GriffinThe Casualties of ProcrastinationActs 24:1-9Christian Living
2/18/09WedBobby BonnerDeclaring the Word in TruthJohn 12:48Christian LivingMissionary to Zambia  
2/15/09Sun AMBobby BonnerBattles in LifeNum 13:26-33God's WillMissionary to Zambia
2/11/09WedAndrew LewisPictures of GodPsa 2:1-12Christian Living
2/8/09Sun AMPastor GriffinThe Fantastic FiveEph 1:7Christian Living
2/4/09WedPastor PaisleyStraigthen your tent.Isa 54:2-4Christian Living
2/1/09Sun PMPastor PaisleyA Temporary Life2 Cor 5:1-9Christian Living
1/28/09WedPastor PaisleySecuring Your StakesIsa 54:2Christian Living
1/25/09Sun AMPastor GriffinPut on the armour of GOD.Eph 6:1-17Christian Living
1/25/09Sun PMPastor GriffinBeing a Faithful ServantEph 6:21-24Serving God
1/25/09Sun PMPastor GriffinBeing a Faithful ServantEph 6:21-24Serving God
1/21/09WedPastor PaisleyBut some Doubted.Matt 28:16-20MissionsMissionarie to Cambodia
1/21/09Sun PMPastor PaisleyGod Is The Perfect FatherGal 4:4Christian Living
1/18/09Sun AMPastor GriffinUnconditional SurrenderJosh 24:14-23Christian Living
1/14/09WedAaron GehlkenBut GodIsa 53:5MissionsVisiting Missionary
1/11/09Sun AMPastor GriffinScriptural BaptismActs 8:29-40Doctrinal
1/11/09Sun PMBro. Bill PattersonThree Great Aspects of the Ministry1 Thes 2:13-20God's WillMissionary to Mongolia
1/7/09WedPastor PaisleyWhen God Yells at UsMatt 5:18Christian Living
1/4/09Sun AMPastor GriffinThe joy of soul winningProv 11:30Christian Living
1/4/09Sun PMPastor PaisleyThe Rapture of the ChurchMatt 24:32-34Doctrinal
12/31/08WedPastor PaisleyRedeeming The TimeEph 5:8-18SeasonalWatch Night Service
12/28/08Sun AMPastor GriffinIs Gods Blessing upon you?Luke 2:13-17Christian Living
12/28/08Sun PMPastor PaisleyFour Things about the Blood of Christ1 Pet 1:18-20DoctrinalSunday Before New Years
12/24/08WedPastor PaisleyWhen the Infinite becomes the infant.Gal 4:4-7Christian Living
12/21/08Sun PMPastor PaisleyWhat is the Real Meaning of ChristmasJohn 1:1-17Seasonal
12/17/08WedPastor PaisleyJesus is GodIsa 9:6-8Christian Living
12/14/08Sun AMPastor GriffinTwo People Who Were Waiting For SomethingLuke 2:22-38Seasonal
12/14/08Sun PMPastor PaisleyChristmas ConcertMatt 1:1Christian LivingChristmas Concert
12/14/08Sun PMBro. Verl StanakerJust beyond the point of vision2 Kings 6:8-17Christian Living
12/10/08WedPastor PaisleyHave your heart fixed on God.James 1:1-8Christian LivingPlanting a church in Vancouver WA
12/7/08Sun AMPastor GriffinHow to get peace with GODPhil 4:4-7Christian Living
12/7/08Sun PMPastor PaisleyWait Upon the LordIsa 40:1-4Christian Living
12/3/08WedPastor PaisleyCount your BlessingsPhil 1:1-4Christian Living
11/30/08Sun AMPastor PaisleyHelpful Happenings that Happen when You Read Your Bible2 Tim 2:15Christian Living
11/30/08Sun PMPastor PaisleyThe end daysMark 13:28-33Christian Living
11/26/08WedPastor PaisleyPrayer & ThanksgivingPhil 4:4-6Christian LivingThanksgiving Testimonials
11/23/08Sun AMPastor GriffinExcusesLuke 14:16Christian Living
11/23/08Sun PMPastor PaisleyLeasons learn of the last days2 Tim 2:Christian Living
11/19/08WedPastor PaisleyCry of the Lost.Matt 9:35Christian Living
11/16/08Sun AMPastor GriffinWhat do you give to God?Lev 23:9-10Christian Living
11/16/08Sun PMPastor PaisleyThings that can not be deniedActs 4:13-20Christian Living
11/12/08WedPastor PaisleyDeep sins Bitterness1 Cor 11:1Christian LivingMissionary to Philippines
11/9/08Sun AMPastor GriffinThus Saith the LordJer 42:1-22Christian Living
11/9/08Sun PMPastor PaisleyAre You a Visionary, or Are You a StationaryNum 13:16-33Christian Living
11/5/08WedPastor PaisleyPlace of No GraceHeb 12:14Christian Living
11/2/08Sun AMPastor PaisleyThe TruthJohn 18:36Faith
10/29/08WedPastor PaisleyThe Grace of GodHeb 12:14-17Christian Living
10/26/08Sun AMPastor GriffinHellIsa 53:1Christian Living
10/26/08Sun PMPastor PaisleyHow to Be In ChristJohn 15:1Christian Living
10/22/08WedPastor GriffinWhat EverRev 3:14-20Christian Living
10/19/08Sun AMPastor GriffinThe Feast of Unleavened BreadExo 12:15-20Christian Living
10/19/08Sun PMPastor PaisleyThe Greatness and Goodness of God in His Guidance in Our LivesPsa 40:1-5Christian Living
10/15/08WedPastor PaisleyMissionary to PhilippinesRom 15:8-16Christian LivingMissionary to Philippines
10/12/08Sun AMPastor PaisleyThe Good wayJer 6:16-18Christian LivingOld Fashion Day
10/12/08Sun PMBro. David SprungerThe Holy Spirit, Our TeacherEphesians 4:11-18Christian LivingOld Fashion Day
10/8/08WedBro. Fred AdamsThey bring unto him one that was deafMar 7:32-37Christian Living
10/5/08Sun AMBro. Angelito ValenciaGather the Fragments That Remain That Nothing Be LostJohn 6:12MissionsMini-Missions Conference
10/5/08Sun PMBro. Angelito ValenciaThe Position of God, Power of Sin, and Praises of GodIsa 6:1-8MissionsMini-Missions Conference
10/1/08WedBro. Adam YoungHow is your grip?Mar 2:1-5Christian LivingMissionary to Russia
9/28/08Sun AMPastor GriffinRejoice in the LordHab 3:17-19Christian Living
9/28/08Sun PMPastor PaisleyHow to Live on Victory SideGal 2:20Christian Living
9/24/08WedBro. Charles BoydJesus or Barabbas?Matt 27:15-23Christian Living
9/21/08Sun AMPastor GriffinBelieve ON the Lord Jesus ChristActs 16:25-31SalvationParents Appreciation Day
9/21/08Sun PMPastor PaisleyPractical Pointed Precepts1 Thes 5:12-24Christian Living
9/17/08WedPastor PaisleyOriginal fantastic fourMar 2:1-9Christian Living
9/16/08TueEvangelist Dan HawtreeFamily, Friends, and Future2 Sam 13:1-3RelationshipsFamily Conference 2008
9/15/08MonEvangelist Dan HawtreeBabes in Christ1 Cor 3:1-4Spiritual GrowthFamily Conference 2008  
9/15/08Mon2Evangelist Daniel HawtreeA Despirate Dad, Disappointed Disciples, Discarded Demons, and Divine DirectionMark 9:14-29God's PowerFamily Conference 2008
9/14/08Sun AMEvangelist Daniel HawtreeThe Secret to a Happy Life, Death, and EternityPsa 23:1-6Christian Living
9/14/08Sun PMPastor PaisleyWhy we do what we do.Rom 9:1-4Christian Living
9/10/08WedPastor PaisleySeek the kingdom of God2 Chron 7:12-15Christian Living
9/7/08Sun AMPastor GriffinGod's Appointment BookLeviticus 23:1-6Christian Living
9/7/08Sun PMPastor PaisleySeeds to plantIsa 55:9-11Christian Living
9/3/08WedPastor PaisleyHow to make your life the best of your lifeMatt 6:33Christian Living
8/31/08Sun AMPastor GriffinThe Living Word of GodHeb 4:12-16Christian Living
8/31/08Sun PMPastor PaisleyMessage in the meal.1 Cor 11:23-32Christian Living
8/27/08WedPastor Griffin12 signs that the end is near1 Pet 4:7-Christian Living
8/24/08Sun AMPastor GriffinThe BlessingGen 25:27-34Family
8/24/08Sun PMPastor GriffinFour Compromises toward the WorldExo 8:24-32Christian Living
8/20/08WedPastor GriffinFindint the Perfect Will of GodGen 24:4-26God's Will
8/17/08Sun AMPastor GriffinSolving Family Conflicts Pt 31 Pet 3:1-11Marriage
8/17/08Sun PMPastor PaisleyThat one phone call.Job 1:22Christian Living
8/13/08WedPastor PaisleyWhy do sinners perish?John 3:14Christian LivingMissionary to Madagascar
8/10/08Sun PMPastor PaisleyRighteous RootsEph 3:16-17Christian LivingJunior Camp Testimonies
8/6/08WedPastor PaisleyYour Body is a Temple1 Cor 6:15-21Christian Living
8/3/08Sun AMPastor GriffinWhat is Under Your TentJosh 7:1-11Christian Living
8/3/08Sun PMPastor PaisleyBehave wisely1 Sam 17:20Christian LivingWest coast Baptist Collage
7/30/08WedPastor PaisleyGood Root SystemEph 3:16-21Christian Living
7/27/08Sun AMPastor Griffinsolving family conflicts: pt 2Num 11:26-12:11Family
7/27/08Sun PMPastor PaisleyBounderiesGal 6:12-15Christian Living
7/23/08WedPastor PaisleyThou GOD seest me:Gen 16:9-13Christian Living
7/20/08Sun AMPastor GriffinHelping Our Families2 Sam 13:24-32Family
7/20/08Sun PMPastor PaisleyCamp TestimoneyJer 33:3Christian Living
7/16/08WedPastor PaisleyThe Battle of Bitterness in the heartEph 4:31-32Christian Living
7/13/08Sun AMPastor Scott SoutherLet Us Go OverMark 4:35-41Faith2008 Camp Speaker
7/13/08Sun PMPastor Scott SoutherFear not in DisperationLuke 8:40-56Christian LivingPastor Scott Souther
7/9/08WedPastor PaisleyThe Battle of BitternessEph 4:26-32Bitterness
7/6/08Sun AMPastor GriffinWho Are You Speaking For? Christ, or Satan?Matt 16:13-26Christian Living   
7/6/08Sun PMPastor PaisleyBecoming what you already are.Part 2 Eph.1:6-7Christian Living   
7/2/08WedPastor PaisleyOur God is attracted to weakness2 Cor 12:9Christian Living   
6/29/08Sun AMPastor GriffinWho Do You Say Jesus Is?Mark 8:27-30Christian Living   
6/29/08Sun PMPastor PaisleyBecoming what you already are.2 Cor 5:17Christian Livingcommunion  
6/22/08Sun AMPastor GriffinPrioritiesExodus 20:1-3Christian Living   
6/22/08Sun PMPastor PaisleyPerspective2 Kings 6:13-17Eternity   
6/18/08WedPastor GriffinPath of sodom and gomorrahGen 13:1Christian Living   
6/15/08Sun PMPastor PaisleyFathersPsalm 68:5SeasonalFathers Day  
6/15/08Sun AMPastor GriffinCan the Lord Furnish a Table in the WildernessPsalm 78:1-19Christian LivingFathers Day  
6/11/08WedStewart MasonLeave it there.Psalm 55:1-2Christian Living/My complaintsHonor &Majesty Tour Group Hyles-Anderson college  
6/8/08Sun AMPastor PaisleyPulled from the Mire and Set on the RockPsalm 40:1-3Christian Living   
6/8/08Sun PMPastor PaisleyBurden of BackslidenPsalm 137:1-4Christian Living   
6/4/08WedPastor PaisleyIt is just about overIsaiah 41:21Christian Living   
6/1/08Sun AMPastor GriffinKnow1 John 5:1-14Salvation   
6/1/08Sun PMPastor PaisleyTo Be Continued...2 Timothy 3:14Christian LivingRBCS Graduation  
5/28/08WedPastor PaisleyOrdination Bro. Sung Keun KimJohn 3Christian LivingOrdination Service  
5/25/08Sun AMPastor GriffinRemember GodPsalm 33:1-12, Joshua 4:19-24SeasonalMemorial Day  
5/25/08Sun PMPastor PaisleyBible Institute Prov.19:2, Ecc 2:4-11Christian LivingRBBI Graduation  
5/21/08WedAustin TaylerYou can't press forward while looking backPhil 3:7-14Christian LivingGSBC Tour Group  
5/18/08Sun AMMissionary Dan GarlickDo What You Can While You CanMark 14:3-8FaithSpanish Missions Conference  
5/18/08Sun PMPastor GriffinAvoiding the Cast-Away Syndrome2 Chronicles 26:1-23Christian LivingSpring Concert  
5/14/08WedPastor GriffinWe are ambassador for christ2 Cor 5:14-21Christian Living   
5/11/08Sun AMPastor GriffinTeaching the Next GenerationPsalm 78:1-4, 6, Titus 2:1-5Christian LivingMother's Day  
5/11/08Sun PMPastor PaisleyMotherhood1 King 17:8-16Christian LivingMother's Day  
5/7/08WedPastor PaisleyHow to get out of the pit1 Peter 5:5-10Christian Living   
5/4/08Sun PMPastor PaisleyCast Your Care not Your Confidence1 Peter 5:7/Hebrews 10:35Christian Living   
5/4/08Sun AMPastor GriffinLet Us Go OnHebrews 5:11-6:2Christian Living   
4/27/08Sun AMDr. Mike PattersonFaith PromiseActsMissions2008 Missions Conference  
4/27/08Sun PMDr. Mike PattersonMissionsActs 17:16-34Missions2008 Missions Conference  
4/24/08ThuDr. Mike PattersonWhat will you do?Acts 2MissionsMissions Conference  
4/23/08WedDr. Mike PattersonPower of a PromiseActs 1MissionsMissions Conference  
4/20/08Sun AMDr. Dennis CorleThe Story of Two BeggersLuke 16:19-26SalvationCountry Fair Sunday  
4/20/08Sun PMDr. Dennis CorleThe Keeper of the prisonActs 16:27SalvationEvangelist  
4/16/08WedDr. Jim KennardInvestingLuke 19:12-27Christian LivingBIMI Military Director  
4/13/08Sun AMPastor GriffinA Wounded Spirit Part 2Genesis 50:20Spiritual HealthCandy Hunt Sunday  
4/13/08Sun PMPastor PaisleyHow God Deals with Our SinJoshua 7Christian Living   
4/9/08WedPastor Paisley5 great truths of Isaiah 55Isaiah 55Evangelism   
4/6/08Sun AMPastor GriffinA Wounded SpiritProv.18:8-14Christian Living   
4/2/08WedPastor PaisleyThe Harvest is Plenteous,but the Labourers are FewMatt 9:35-38Christian Living   
3/30/08Sun AMPastor GriffinGenerationsJoe 1:1-3Christian Living   
3/30/08Sun PMPastor PaisleyDefilement of Listening Evil ReportMatt 12:35-36Christian LivingTestimonial's from pastor school  
3/26/08WedPastor PaisleyKnowing the benefits we have through salvationPsalm 32:1-2Christian Living   
3/23/08Sun AMPastor Paisleyfor he is risenMatt 28:5-7Christian LivingEaster Sunday  
3/23/08Sun PMJim PrangerDoing what the Lord CommandsExodus 38:21-22Christian LivingEaster Sunday, Missionary to Siberia  
3/22/08SatPastor PaisleyHere Am IIsaiah 6:1-8ComfortMemorial Service Pastor Webster  
3/19/08WedPastor WilliamsCleave to the Sword2 Samuel 23:8-12, Ephesians 6:17Christian Living   
3/16/08Sun AMPastor GriffinIf I be lifted upJohn 12:32Christian Living/ Salvation   
3/16/08Sun PMPastor GriffinLiberty in ChristGal. 5:1-13Christian Living   
3/12/08WedMissionary Harold GilmerReasonable serviceRomans 12:1-2God's willMissionary to Brazil  
3/9/08Sun AMPastor GriffinGentleness (Part 6 of Fruit Series)Gal 5:22Fruit of the Spirit   
3/9/08Sun PMPastor PaisleyClaiming the promises of God through prayer 2 Cor 1:18-20God promises   
3/5/08WedMissionary John FullfordLaunch Out into the DeepLuke 5:1-4MissionsMissionary to Malawi, Africa (working with Gardner  
3/2/08Sun AMBro. Rex CobbMissionaries and Heathen (How the Apostle Paul Messed Up)Acts 14:1-20MissionsBible Translation Missionary, BBTI  
3/2/08Sun PMBro. Rex CobbThe Importance of Speaking New TonguesMark 16:17MissionsBible Translation Missionary, BBTI  
2/27/08WedPastor PaisleyThe Promises of God2 Cor 1:20Christian Living   
2/25/08WedPastor-Mike SchwalbachDedicationRomans 12:1-2Christian Living   
2/24/08Sun AMPastor GriffinLongsuffering (Part 5 of Fruit Series)Galatians 5:22-25Fruit of the Spirit   
2/24/08Sun PMPastor PaisleyWhat is Your LifePsalm 90:9-10, James 4:13-17Christian Living   
2/20/08WedScott GrayFighting to see JesusMark 5:21-24, 35-43Spiritual BattlesMark Rogers singing  
2/18/08MonScott GrayElisha in the house2 Kings 2:1-14Serving GodPresident's Day Tournament  
2/17/08Sun AMPastor GriffinPeace (Part 4 of Fruit Series)Gal 5:16-23,Phil 4:5-7Fruit of the Spirit   
2/17/08Sun PMPastor Paisley7 Reasons Why We Do What We Do1 Samuel 12:6-7Explaination   
2/13/08WedPastor PaisleyGod's Valentine1 John 3:1SeasonalValentines Day  
2/10/08Sun AMPastor GriffinLove (Part 3 of Fruit Series)Galatians 5:16-26Fruit of the Spirit   
2/10/08Sun PMPastor GriffinRomance in the MarriageHebrews 13:1-6Marriage   
2/6/08WedMissionary Antonio VenegasThree Voices we need to Listen toIsaiah 6:8MissionsMissionary to Piedras Negras, Mexico  
2/3/08Sun AMPastor GriffinWhere did You Lose Your Joy (Part 2 of Fruit Series)Galatians 5:22-23Fruit of The Spirit   
2/3/08Sun PMPastor PaisleyThe Enemy DeceivesRevelation 12:7The Enemy   
1/30/08WedPastor PaisleyWhen Nothing Seems to Make SenseGenesis 39:20-23Christian Living   
1/27/08Sun AMPastor GriffinThough Slippery PlacesPsalm 73:14-20Christian Living   
1/27/08Sun PMPastor PaisleyJesus Prays for His PeopleJohn 17:11-26Christian Living   
1/23/08WedPastor PaisleyThe Reality of our Redeemers Rewards Part 21 Cor 3:10-15The Judgement Seat of Christ   
1/20/08Sun AMPastor GriffinFaith and its Byproduct (Part 1 of Fruit Series)Galatians 5:22-23Fruit of the Spirit   
1/20/08Sun PMPastor PaisleyThe Reality of our Redeemers Rewards1 Cor 3:10-15The Judgement Seat of ChristBus Awards  
8/18/91Sun PMBro. SprungerSpirtual GrowthKJVChristian LivingSpecial Speaker  
8/4/91Sun PMPastor GriffinConformKJVChristian LivingPastor Griffin  
7/14/91Sun PMBill McSpaddinLiving For Things Under The SunKJVChristian LivingSpecial Speaker  
10/21/90Sun PMJack DavisThe PassoverKJVChristian LivingSpecial Speaker  
7/15/90Sun PMDean BlakenyGideonKJVChristian LivingSpecial Speaker  
12/30/99Sun AMPastor GriffinConfession and Forgiveness Part 12 Sam 11:26-12:15Christian Living   
12/30/99Sun PMBobby BonnerImpact the world for the Lord Jesus Christ.Acts 20:17-23Christian Living   
12/30/99Sun AMBobby BonnerUnconditonal SurrenderActs 1:1Christian LivingMissionary to Africa  
12/30/99WedPastor GriffinHow to win a wayward loved one2 Tim :22-26Christian Living   
12/30/99Sun PMPastor PaisleyJesus is the wayJohn 14:1-6Christian Living   
12/30/99WedPastor PaisleyThe scripture, the Savior, the security of the believerJohn 10:27Christian Living   
12/30/99Sun AMEvangelist Dan HawtreeA Maniac in a Miry MorturaryLuke :26-39Christian Living   
12/30/99WedPastor PaisleyGod and human lifeGen 1:26Christian Living   
12/30/99Sun PMPastor WilliamsKaratek Intl.1 Cor 13:1-2Missions   
12/30/99Sun PMPastor Alex MonozIs your light shiningMatt 5:13Christian Living   
12/30/99Sun PMPastor PaisleyGifts that Godgives us.James 1:17Christian Living   
12/30/99Sun AMPastor GriffinThe Cross of ChristMatt :35-50Christian Living   
12/30/99Sun PMPastor PaisleyREVIVAL2 Chron 7:12-15Christian Living   
12/30/99Sun AMPastor GriffinSeven voices at the crossMatt 27:33-54Christian Living   
12/30/99WedMissionary MooberryZaccheusLuke 19:1-6Christian Living   
12/30/99Sun PMDr Don SiskThe heathenPsa 2:1-8Christian Living   
12/30/99Sun AMDr. David GibbsThe Two Mile ChristianMatt 5:41Christian Living   
12/30/99Sun AMDavid GibbsSincerely Wrong0 0:Salvation   
12/30/99Sun PMPastor Paisley Mark 13:1-8End Times   
12/30/99Sun AMPastor GriffinWhere you lookinMatt 14:22-32Christian Living   
12/30/99Sun AMDr. Tom SextonOur Life for YoursJosh :12-14Salvation   
12/30/99WedDr. Mike PattersonStir up your gift2 Tim :1-11Missions   
12/30/99Sun PMDr. Mike PattersonWe do not well.2 Kings 7:3-20Missions   
12/30/99Sun AMPastor GriffinGodly mothers in an ungodley world2 Kings 5:15-19Christian Living   
12/30/99Sun PMPastor PaisleyIt's #11 Cor 10:31Christian Living   
12/30/99Sun PMPastor PaisleyVictory in JesusGal 2:20Christian Living   
12/30/99WedPastor PaisleyHeart AttackProv 4:20-27Christian Living   
12/30/99Sun AMPastor GriffinGodly LivingJude 1:6:1Christian Living   
12/30/99Sun PMPastor PaisleyStreet ChildrenMatt 19:13,14Christian Living   
12/30/99Sun AMPastor GriffinGideonJude 1:6:25Christian Living   
12/30/99Sun AMPastor GriffinLooking for thr SaviorPhil 3:20Christian Living   
12/30/99WedPastor GriffinTeach us to PrayMatt 6:1-15Christian Living   
12/30/99WedPastor PaisleyThe Power of a few WordsActs 24:24-27Christian Living   
12/30/99Sun PMPastor PaisleySaving our loved ones. 41 Tim 2:1-4Christian Living   
12/30/99WedPastor PaisleyAbout Satan's supermanDan 8:23Christian Living   
12/30/99WedPastor PaisleyTHE END TIMESMatt :Christian Living   
12/30/99Sun PMPastor GriffinThe Work of the Lord1 Cor 15:51-58Christian Living   
12/30/99WedKinyongaGod likes broken vesselsPsa 31:9-12Christian Living   
12/30/99Sun PMPastor PaisleyIn the light of eternity!2 Cor 4:3-18Christian Living   
12/30/99WedPastor PaisleyWhat seest thouJer 1:11,13Christian Living   
12/30/99Sun PMPastor PaisleyWalk with wise menProv 13:20Christian Living   
12/30/99Sun PMPastor PaisleyTrue reason for the seasonLuke 2:8-20Christian Living   
12/30/99Sun PMPastor PaisleyLook to Heaven in prayerPhil 4:6,7Christian Living   
12/30/99WedPastor PaisleyIn HimEph 1:15-23Christian Living   
12/30/99Sun PMPastor Tom LemmonsHelping others cross overDeut 3:21-29Christian Living   
12/30/99Sun AMPastor GriffinWhat is LOVE1 Cor 13:1-4Christian Living   
12/30/99Sun AMPastor PaisleyOne thing.John 9:1-25Christian Living   
12/30/99WedPastor PaisleyMemorizing God's wordPsa 119:9-11Christian Living   
12/30/99Sun PMPastor PaisleyWhere the wind blowsJohn 3:1-8Christian Living   
12/30/99WedPastor PaisleyBible memory.Psa 1:1-2Christian Living   
12/30/99Sun PMPastor GriffinThe Danger of DriftingProv 27:8Christian Living   
12/30/99Sun PMPastor PaisleyBeware the GibeanitesJosh 9:1-19Christian Living   
12/30/99Sun PMPastor PaisleyGet in a rut fastProv 4:27Christian Living   
12/30/99Sun AMPastor GriffinEvents of the cross and resurectionJohn 21:1Christian Living   
12/30/99Sun PMPastor PaisleyGood news from a far countryProv 25:25Christian Living   
12/30/99Sun AMDr Don SiskGod SO lovedJohn 2:16Christian Living   
12/30/99Sun PMPastor PaisleyForsake not the law of thy motherProv 1:20Christian Living   
12/30/99Sun PMPastor Paisley Glorifying God1 Cor 10:31Christian Living   
12/30/99Sun PMEd BissetPresenting the GospelActs 24:24-26Christian Living   
12/30/99Sun PMPastor PaisleyA solid sacred service1 Cor 11:23-25Christian Living   
12/30/99Sun AMPastor GriffinMantle of manhood1 Kings 19:14 & 18Christian Living   
12/30/99Sun AMPastor GriffinNothing but the BloodHeb 9:12-18Christian Living   
12/30/99Sun AMPastor GriffinParable of the SowerMatt 13:1-9, 18-Christian Living   
12/30/99Sun AMMike JohnsonJesus KnockingRev 3:20Christian Living   
12/30/99Sun PMMike JohnsonWhat Job did not knowJob 1:20Christian Living   
12/30/99Sun AMPastor Griffin"if it dies"John 12:22Christian Living   
12/30/99Sun AMPastor GriffinRejoice in the LordPhil 4:1-4Christian Living   
12/30/99WedMissionary Roger HopgoodWe need fellowship1 Cor 1:10Christian Living   
12/30/99Sun PMPastor PaisleyChemistry of the CrossRom 8:29,29Christian Living   
12/30/99Sun AMPastor PaisleyThe Lord of the LivingMark 6:35-44 Christian Living   
12/30/99Sun AMPastor GriffinThe Truth about IslamActs 9:1-6Christian Living   
12/30/99Sun PMPastor PaisleyWe Learned from 911Luke 13:1-5 Christian Living   
12/30/99Sun PMPastor PaisleyThree looks of RVBCProv 29:18Christian Living   
12/30/99Sun AMPastor GriffinMore to it!1 Jn 5:3Christian Living   
12/30/99Sun PMPastor PaisleyNevertheless I LiveGal 2:20Christian Living   
12/30/99WedPastor GriffinHe that wins souls is wisePsa :Christian Living   
12/30/99Sun AMPastor GriffinSure FoundationMatt :24-29Christian Living   
12/30/99Wedmissionary Daniel NortonGoodness of God0 0:Christian Living   
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