Our founding pastor, Pastor Dallas Dobson, was saved in his home while watching Billy Graham on television in 1956. He knew the Lord wanted him to preach, so he enrolled in Southern Baptist Bible College in Florida. While in college, he read an article in a magazine entitled, Go West Young Minister, Go West, stating the need for churches in the West, especially Washington state. Pastor Dobson came out of college a Southern Baptist Missionary and headed West. After helping start Finley Baptist Church in 1958, he went back to college to receive more Bible training.

After graduating from Tennessee Temple University, he once again headed toward the Northwest with a vision to build a New Testament Church. Settling in a small community, Pasco, Washington, this vision and many others have become a reality.

The First Baptist Church of Riverview first met in the Columbia Grange Hall located on Court Street and Road 64, on September 15, 1963.

In 1964, the members moved into their new church, which is now the Spanish Auditorium, built on land which had been purchased from a woman who had been praying someone would buy it to build a church on.

When Pastor saw the need for a Christian School, he began praying for one and in 1970, with the help of Bro. Harold Matthews, the school was built. In 1971, after repeated prayer requests for a Christian Radio Station, the Lord answered with a miracle. Today, we enjoy the programs and music heard on KOLU, Christian Family Radio. The gymnasium was built in 1972, and in 1977 the bus garage was added.

As the Lord blessed, the church continued to grow and a larger building was needed. In 1979, our main auditorium facing Richardson Road was built. In 1984, the School Dome and parsonage were built. In October, 1991, the Koreans moved into their new church building located next to the school.
Dr. Dobson was the Pastor or Riverview Baptist Church for over 34 years. The Lord called him home to his eternal heavenly “home” on December 28,1997. Those of us who called him “Pastor” were truly grateful that the Lord led him to the Northwest and into our lives and families.


Pastor Gordon Robson was saved in 1979. He attended the University of Wisconsin-La Crosse and received his Bachelors Degree. He then went to the University of Wisconsin-Platteville where he received his Masters Degree in Guidance Counseling. He also attended Salt Lake Baptist College  where he received his Doctor of Christian Ministries.

Pastor Robson started attending Riverview with his wife Gerri in 1992 and came on staff in 1994. Before coming on staff, he served as a missionary to the American Indians for 3 years.

Pastor  Robson was involved in many ministries here at Riverview including the Send the Light broadcast on KOLU. He was the Vice President, Administrator, and a Professor of Riverview Baptist Bible Institute. He was also responsible for the Riverview Baptist’s prison ministries which hold services in Washington and Oregon.