Bus Ministry

Riverview Baptist Church bought its first bus using S&H Green stamps. Since then thousands of children and adults have come to Riverview on our free buses. The purpose of the bus ministry is simple; provide free, convenient transportation to and from Riverview Baptist Church on Sunday morning.

This outreach ministry services the Tri-Cities and surrounding area including Benton City and Burbank. There are currently 23 bus and van routes with some vehicles having wheelchair access to meet the needs of the people.

Last year the average attendance was 566 riders. On April 18, 2010 we had a record day on 1425 people who rode the buses to church. This ministry has over 50 regular workers including drivers and mechanics, and has over 90 “treat” providers who rotate providing snacks for the riders.

For information on how to get a ride please contact the church at 509-547-2021