Dr. Dobson believed that a church is only as strong as the families in the church, and the families in the church are only as strong as the men who lead them. It was this belief that led him to start the Men’s Breakfast and Bible Study in 1977.

Every Saturday, as early as 5 am, the smell of delicious hand prepared food can be found coming from the multi-purpose room at Riverview Baptist Church. Keeping with the idea of building strong men in the church.

After the free, delicious meal of eggs, meat, pancakes, French toast, and biscuits and gravy, the men are taught a short lesson from God’s Word how to be the leader in the home, a good and Godly father, and how to love their wife. Dr. Dobson said that if he ever started another church, it [Men’s Breakfast] would be the first thing he’d start after the church itself.

Join us every Saturday at 8am in the multi-purpose room of Riverview Baptist Church for the Men’s Breakfast and Bible Study.