Nursing Homes

The Nursing Home & Retirement Home Ministry has been blessed of the Lord in a special way. We praise the Lord for the faithfulness of the people working in this ministry! For over 50 years, our church has been involved in the local nursing and retirement homes. Several services are held throughout the week at several different facilities here in the Tri-Cities. Through the years, dozens, if not hundreds of residents and family members have come to trust Jesus as their personal Savior. Praise the Lord! We are always in need for others to help out with singing, giving devotions, playing the piano, playing their instrument, or just to sit by somebody during the 20 minutes we are there. If you are interested in helping in this important ministry, please let us know and you too can be a tremendous blessing! Many, many thanks and appreciation to those men and women who faithfully serve in this capacity week in and week out! What an amazing thing to see the faithfulness of God’s people!