Praise the Lord that we have a soulwinning program for the teenagers of our church! During the summer months, they go out at the same time as our adults on Tuesday nights. During the school year, they go on Wednesday afternoons after school gets out. They knock on doors, give out tracts, and invite people to come to church. They also help out in the soulwinning booth at the fair each year and do a great job! We have seen many people saved and come to church through this ministry. It’s always a blessing to them when they come in contact with those who were former bus riders and they are able to encourage them to get back into church. Teenagers have a rapport with other teenagers and children that adults don’t always have which gives them a much better chance at reaching those in their age bracket. Please pray that more teenagers will get involved in this ministry and for wisdom and boldness. We appreciate Pastor Rolland for heading up this ministry! We have the best teenagers and we thank the Lord that they have a heart for the people in our community!