In 1975, Pastor Paisley was burdened for a lost Spanish family who had been contacted through the bus ministry. Because of the language barrier, Pastor Paisley expressed his burden for the family to Pastor Dobson. The Lord immediately impressed upon them the need for a Spanish ministry, and they set out seeking the Lord’s face as to whom He would send. It did not take long before the Lord sent William Yant, who was pastoring in Walla Walla at the time. Pastor Yant led the Spanish ministry for many years, and the Lord blessed and grew the church to be the vehicle that has been used to lead literally thousands of Spanish-speaking people to Jesus Christ. This would include our current Spanish pastor, Manuel Haro and his wife. In 1998, Pastor Haro became the Spanish pastor at Riverview Baptist Church, and the church presses on to this day with many faithful members and soul-winners in its congregation. Because Pasco is over 65% Hispanic, the blessing of a soul-winning Spanish ministry which bears much fruit is invaluable for eternity. We are so thankful for our Spanish ministry and all that they do here at the church and for the Lord!